Mixing some EBC (Enviro Bio Cleaner)

Hey guys just got my ebc cleaner in the mail… I want to mix up a gallon of mix to downstream my own driveway to see how good this stuff works… my question is what is a good mix of ebc for my driveway only think I need a gallon mix to downstream…I know it says 32oz to 5 parts… put it this way I skipped out on math class …lol any info would be nice …

Also should I pre soak my driveway before spraying the mix ??


Concrete Heavy Build up Degreasing
*Parking stalls, drive thru order area, gas station pump area, grease collection stations, oil spills, food grease spills, hydraulic oil spills,

Apply Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC) 50/50 with pump up sprayer. Spray effected area until product has completely saturated grease area. Allow EBC to sit for 2 minutes.
Agitate affected area with a stiff broom until grease/oil begins to lift from concrete.
Let area dry and sit for 15-20 minutes.
Pressure wash with wand or surface cleaner and rinse.
Reapply light mist of Enviro Bio Cleaner at 50/50 mix ratio to remove any remaining stains. Repeat step #3. **Note- affected area can be wet or dry when applying.

Heavy Duty Cleaning
*Gas/diesel pads, dumpster pads (interior/exterior), drive through windows heavy equipment, garages, engine degreasing, heavily soiled concrete or surfaces.

  1. Mix ratio for Xjet or Down Streaming: 16-32 oz to 5 parts water
  2. Let sit for 5 minutes Agitate if necessary
  3. Pressures wash with wand or surface cleaner, then rinse

General Cleaning

*Sidewalks, store entrances, house wash, building wash, paver cleaning, patio cleaning, sealant prep, driveway cleaning, light machinery

Mix ratio for Xjet or Down Streaming 5-18 oz to 5 parts water
Let sit for 3 minutes
Pressure wash with wand or surface cleaner, then rinse. Rinse windows very good. Add Chlorine if desired.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning (KEC)

  1. Direct Spray Application to hood and vents 4.to 1 gallon of EBC. Let sit for 15-25 minutes

  2. Downstream to hood and vents for grease build up cleaning; mix ratio of 1 part EBC to 4 parts water. Rinse clean using KEC methods.
    **Use caution when spraying on or near aluminum. Test a small area before full application

Helpful Mix Ratio Suggestions

Commercial: 1 gallon of EBC/4 gal of water down streamed 10:1
Commercial: 1 gallon of EBC/75 gal of water dedicated soap pump
Commercial & Residential Building Wash: 1 gallon of EBC, 25 gallon of SH, 100 gal of water for a total of 125 gallon mix- Dedicated soap pump


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Wow. Does anyone else find this to be some confusing nonsense?

Carlos needs to pick a unit of measurement and stick with it. 1 gallon does not equal “one part”. Not unless all other parts of your mix are also measured in gallons.

Hoping he’s updated his instructions since this was posted :flushed:

I’m always reading posts 5 times over to make some kind of sense of it.


Then I’m like what the &$#@ does it matter if it’s raining or there’s overcast on that particular day

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