Sherwin Williams Paint

Has anyone had any experience with SH spotting up paint on doors painted with Sherwin Williams paint?

I find I ask every time now, because their paint in tint of gray or blue seems to do this.

There’s a bunch of threads on this but yes lots of paints do this due to the organic pigments used to color the paint but especially sherwin Williams paint… always do a test spot on painted surfaces

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I searched for a bit, but I probably did not use the right key search word. Thank you. I had someone else tell me this, and just wanted to confirm my suspicion.

From your experience, how long would a test spot take to tell me either way?

I had painted doors spot with light marks but they disappear after drying over night.


Yes, I had that happen as well. Just got to get the stuff off! Uggg

Also had a bronze door knob fade out, but oil brought it right back thank goodness.

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It would depend but I feel the best way to tell is put a 3-4% mix on a inconspicuous spot and let it it sit while you set everything up 5-10 minutes and if that doesnt do anything, good chances your housewash wont do anything

Good to know. What kind of oil?

Carry a can of Pam for door knobs lol, does the job

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Oil is a temporary fix and will wear off in short order. It’s the same idea as Armor All on the dash of a vehicle. The only true way to fix a door knob is to polish it back to a shine.


There was a thread on here awhile ago talking about all the ways to restore door knobs, oil rubbed bronze was discussed. The main thing was to tape and bag all these potential areas, faster than the fix.

brasso, pam, oil, etc were all discussed, just can’t find the thread now.

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Thats the link. I think people who spray SH sometimes forget that it is corrosive. I’m not an engineer nor am I chemist, but I have slept at a holiday inn express before. I also read stuff.

Bleach is a corrosive, especially to metal surfaces. Bleach itself is readily diluted with water and can be neutralized on surfaces, including skin, with sodium thiosulfate (if necessary).,cell%20death%20by%20protein%20denaturation.


Not to high jack the OP thread but how do you guys go about performing a test spot? Meaning do you talk to your customer about it ? Do you do it at the job when setting up as someone mentioned or do you do it prior when you quote the job? Also if your test spot shows signs of issues what do you do? What do you say to the customer?

If you have the option to do it during the quote do it, itll just save you time if it does mess it up… and if it does mess up you tell the customer you cant do the job because you dont want to mess anything up then you walk away

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I give most of my estimates by email after looking at pictures of their property online so I can only test when I get there to wash. I don’t talk to them about it I just find an inconspicuous area and give it a spray. That’s usually behind a bush, the gas meter, around back at the bottom corner, etc. It doesn’t have to be a big test area so usually isn’t noticeable from a distance if there was a reaction.

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I had paint run off the side of the house. We did a test spot next to an air conditioner. The customer was shocked but happy we didn’t do the whole wall. Gave him a good understanding and told him his house can’t be softwashed.

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