Problem with customer's front door

Guys did a housewash yesterday, customer is happy expect one issue… She has one of those key punch code locks on her front door. She sent me an email saying it “Changed color from oil rubbed bronze to gray and looks scuffed up.” I havnt looked at it yet, but does anyone know what i can use to get it back to normal? My crew normally does not soak front doors with Housewash mix.

Sounds like your SH etched the surface of it, We had something similar a few months back and we got a local contractor who re does ally joinery to re paint it and it come up as new and cost $40 cash

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This happened to me for the first time, yesterday. I found this thread on WCR:

The customer texted me a pic and simply asked how he could clean it. I forwarded him the recommended tip on brasso and wd-40.

Has anyone else had experience with these Schlage locksets with the rubbed bronze finish? They seem terribly sensitive to any type of cleaning.

After a housewash we had a oil rubbed bronze door handle look like we stripped
it. $250 is the cost of replacement… I went on several PW forums and
everyone was talking how they have had that happened to them and if you dont
cover it you will have to replace it. Several people said they had
replaced several every year.

I am pretty hard headed so I started researching. I learned that it
is a living finishing… like a penny. It naturally wears and it can be
brought back to life. Then I went to the manufactures website and they
said vegetable oil will bring it back. I thought well… I will try the
vegetable oil… if that doesnt work I will replace it. I didnt think
the vegetable oil would work to be honest. I thought we ruined the
finish. As my tech was rubbing in the oil with a towel, at first it
didnt do much… but 2-3 minutes into it… it looked brand freaking
new. Customer was amazed…said it looked better than when it was new…

see the pictures… save yourself $250… buy a can of pan spray for $1.37…

The Before:

The After:


That’s some great info. Thanks for sharing.

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This is exactly why I spend so much time on this forum. Thanks much for passing this along.


Good thread, thanks for the tip!

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Tried this over the weekend… Worked awesome!! Very good tip, thanks for sharing…


Good to know this. That’s a huge tip right there. I will definitely cover door locks if I ever do someone’s house.

even after it dries that is amazing

I had this problem the other day i was worried i might have to replace it but the vegetable oil worked thanks for sharing

Just had this happen. I used Brasso instead of vegetable oil. Worked well, but took a little time. My only concern with the vegetable oil is the length of time it will last. The weird part was it took two weeks for the corrosion to show. Client said it literally appeared overnight. I have washed many similar handles in the past with no issues. It seems to be this brand and color that is affected.


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Works great! Thanks so much.