Shame on me

My surface cleaner was not doing the job I expected, streaks, needing to go over areas repeatedly and low pressure. When I took off the bar tips I typically found a little something blocking the port. This time was different so I pulled off my in-line filter and found this. The irony is after disassembling and cleaning I saw the warning CLEAN EVERY 50 HOURS. Owned it for 3 years, never been cleaned.


That’s crazy! Do you need that filter on there?

The filter restricts so much flow and is so unnecessary. Filter the water before it enters your washer and if the surface cleaner gets clogged just take the tip out and unclog it and screw back on and good to go.

I assume you filter before it gets into your machine entirely, what’s does your filter set up look like?

Here’s what you need.

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It looks like you have a hot machine so don’t listen to @DJPWS Set your hp filter up so you can backflow it. I always cleared my filter at every job start. Takes two seconds

Ooh this sounds like a good idea. How’s yours set up to backflow?

With 1/4" QC’s you just uncouple and turn it around. Then only connect on one side (The outlet now turned inlet, squeeze trigger and let it open flow 5 seconds and turn back around. I usually start stop flow in that time to get some turbulence and hammer effect going


What does having a hot machine have anything to do with it? I bet more than half of that sediment would have passed through the tips of the surface cleaner just fine if it wasn’t stopped by the tiny unnecessary holes in that filter. There’s no need for that metal filter behind the handle of the surface cleaner.

Zip it, you know nothing on the matter

What did you bet because it’s mine now

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Mmkay, whatever you say

Hot machines have STEEL coils on the HP side. You run brass, or galvanized steel in the inlet because you can’t have any debris coming in on the inlet side. Steel can be used on the HP side. Well guess what hundreds of feet of steel pipe does when it corrodes? It flakes off clogging small SC nozzles that’s why they make HP filters. Ask anybody if they have ever clogged a SC nozzle, well that’s why you run them.

You are right, I have a hot water machine. Solution is blinking brilliant…So I know I have this straight HP filter= high pressure filter. I simply disconnect the hose at the SC head and run back through for a few seconds. What’s your procedure for cleaning and winterizing the coils?

Be a real man and run one of those fancy hot water machines with stainless steel coils then easy, no debris, no filter

Too late, wish I had insight earlier. what’s the difference in cost?

I was mainly joking but after saying my joke I went online to try and find one. It was about twice the price as the other coils on the one website, about 2k but didnt look much into it. I thought at one point I saw landa used some stainless coils but couldnt find it on a quick search through their website.

Very savvy. I like it :+1:

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Too rich for my blood when at one time I was sitting on 21 five pancake coils

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