Hello! New guy here. Tons of info on here but I’m curious to know what some of you are using for SH. Buying bleach by the gallon? Clorox? Pool supply store? Just curious in what form are you buying it in and from where (dollar store, pool supply)

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I was given the address of a nearby chemical supply company. I’d suggest you look there. Standard Clorox is 6% solution, while the good stuff is 12.5%. Pool Supplies in my area charge upwards of $5.50 a gallon. Way too much. The chemical supplier charges $2.27 per gallon.

I’m in Georgia. Spent a few hours over the last 2 days trying to find a company to carry it somewhat nearby. No luck yet.

I get mine at a contractor pool supply place. $1.28 maybe, I haven’t really figured it out lately.

I’m getting 12.5% from a local pool supplies store. They sell cases of 4 bottles (1gal each) for $20.00. So 1 gal costs me $5.00 - expensive, but I haven’t found anything cheaper yet. But I will keep looking.

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Good deal thanks guys. I figured pool supply. What brand is the good stuff (12%+)? Some are using? Maybe I can look up the manufacture and call to find a local dealer

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What are you going to be cleaning?

Soft washing siding

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Keep it simple starting out no need to let a drum of bleach sit for months because your not busy yet. Go to the dollars store get the dollars store 8% along with a commercial surfactant and water and your good to go.

I get my 12.5% from a local pool supply for $5 a gollon. Brenntag has some good chemicals but they are very stricked.

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Thanks guys!

Buy mine at Dollar General, I do not live near a chemical supply company and any pool place nearby has nothing near the 12.5%. Dollar General here carries 8.25% for $2.50-$3 gallon. Good enough for me since I don’t do a ton of house washes. Just have to calculate your mix, downstreamer ratio for the %SH you are using to get same end result hitting surface.

How much bleach do you usually need to get your mix right with the 8%? 4 gallon bleach 1 gallon water? Seems like you’d spend a lot of money and extra bleach to make the 8% work! I DS’d with my 20% injector with the Clorox Concentrated 8.25% from DG. I did around 1 gal bleach, half gal water, 1.5oz Elemonator. Didn’t really seem to work too well.

Yes, generally 3 1/2 - 4 gallons bleach to 5 gallon bucket. That takes the 8.25% down to 6.6% and my 10:1 downstreamer puts around .6-.7% on surface. Really bad areas may get more concentrate. Like I said, only a few dozen house washes for me right now a year, so justification in buying bulk SH to just sit around is not worth the price of it going bad. (Not to mention no room for it).

So I just go down the street the day before a job, buy $15 of bleach to getter done.

With your info, if my math is correct and you have a 20% injector which I assume is the same as a 5:1, you should have had around 1.1% hitting surface, should be aplenty.

Should be a formula out there to make this easier, plug in known numbers to get what your looking for. Tim you got one?

If that mix didn’t do anything, either the SH is old, or you didn’t give it enough dwell time. I was using 10% from home depot last year and it worked fine. Sometimes I had to cover things twice and up my dwell time but it always worked. And just because you have a 20% injector doesn’t mean it is putting out 1:4. Try giving it more dwell time. And maybe straight SH. (through the injector)

Local pool supply store. I get Pool Shock in a 4 gal/box for $16

What part of Ga are you from?

Seems like us guys in Florida got the connect on SH. I get it under $1.50 a gallon from local pool supply.

$.99 in SW Florida. We do a lot of roofs, so we just pump it into our tanks.

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$1.55 a gallon, 53 gallon drum delivered. $1.50 a gallon, 330 gallon tote in New Jersey delivered.

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