I know this thread is a Lil old but sunlight supply in Lawrenceville used to sale it by the gallon you could buy it in any quantity also aura engineers in Lithia springs sells it by the 55 gal drum at least they did a couple years ago I’m just getting back in so I have not checked yet.

Dear Friends

Hanchem here in Buford, Georgia, sells it by whatever quantity you like for US$1.55 per gallon. It’s the 12.5% sodium hypochlorite. I just used fifteen gallons of it and it worked well. I never should have bought the fifteen-gallon drum, though, because I can’t manhandle that thing.

Google Hanchem Products for the URL. My post count isn’t high enough to include the URL.

We buy bleach delivered for $1.70/gal in Houston. We have it pumped into a 264 gal tote and it lasts us up to 10 days.