Sh price in NJ

I’m paying $4.50 a gallon for SH in my area ( north jersey). Was wondering if anyone else by me is paying similar, or found a cheaper place around .

4.00-4.38 in Lexington, Kentucky.

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South Jersey $263 for a 50 gallon. Was $195 last year.

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About the same. I’ve been going to Rutherford for mine. J racenstein. Wanted to shop around a bit but I think that might be the best I can do for now

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218.90 for 55 gal drum in northern IL

2.55 in Fredericksburg Va

I’m so jealous of you guys right now. Lol

Not really sure why you’d be jealous…it shouldn’t impact your business if you’re pricing based on your costs. Just means you have to keep adjusting…

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I get that. My prices are adjusted. I would rather keep my prices and get sh cheaper. That’s all

@JAtkinson if you could get cheaper SH (same quality) would you? And if you did, would you lower your pricing? I’m just looking in my are for a lower price. They same way people do when looking for cheaper gas prices in there area

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Understood, and I get it about as cheap as anyone I’ve seen post on these sort of posts on here. I don’t determine my costs based on the price of SH, but of everything (labor, fuel, SH, insurance)…if my total costs go up for the year, then my prices are going up. Some of those things never get cheaper (labor, insurance), so cheaper SH would allow me to hold off on increases longer, but it is what it is.

People who don’t understand why my prices have gone up also won’t understand why their house is still oxidized…so I’m happy to let them hire someone else…

And to answer the question directly…unless it was a sizable (and locked in for some amount of time) savings, then no, I wouldn’t go through the hassle of changing suppliers for a few bucks. Not to mention stopping a partner from making money, who has helped us out and taken care of us over the last few years. I’m about relationships with suppliers, I don’t “shop” around on those people too often, as long as they are keeping up the relationship as well.


A few gallons of SH is far from the most expensive thing in our operation.


You and Jason in the same town?


I appreciate everyone’s feedback. Especially @JAtkinson (he is definitely my go to business question guy). Don’t look too deep into the question though guys. I just wanted to know the average in my area. If I was getting ripped off and paying $8 a gallon I’d like to know. Lol

Let me apologize in advance then… :joy:

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Your best bet there is a few phone calls to local supply houses…those relationships will be worthwhile to build and help you to know others in your area.

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I go to the same exact place… im also in NJ but the sales guy quoted me $4.80 a gallon lol

Since we’re in the same area maybe we can talk shop sometime :slight_smile:

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We are

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We are in NH I cant find a reliable source here so we order it out of NY

We order 330 gallons at a time (6 55 gallon drums) pay $3.97 per gallon.
With delivery its $4.92 per gallon delivered to my door.
We sell the empty 55 gallon drums for $25 a piece to recover some of delivery brings price to $4.47 per gal

Its better then what we use to do, drive 3 hrs round trip to pickup 19 5gallon jugs every few weeks

This is a big jump from last year it was $3.30 per gallon delivered.

Price of SH shouldn’t matter, Adjust your price

I’m paying about the same in Denville, delivered.