Sh from walmart

Couldn’t get the usual. Out of stock. I really have to find an affordable supplier for the better % kind. I used some home depot brand and it was no good. Luckily had this other brand on hand.

Menards carries the 12.5%

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Out here in FL , the ACE has a 1500 gal sh tank gravity fed. I don’t know if that’s area specific or not. I get it from a pool store 1.89 a gal but Walmart’s 10% works in a pinch.
I’m pretty sure they all order from Brentag or Univar.

I use the Walmart 10% most of the time just because it is easier to get where I am, just a pain having lots of bottles.
One thing to keep in mind for those doing the same thing: it’s that time of year where most places will stop selling their seasonal stuff, so if you haven’t found a year round supplier yet you might want to do so now.
Sucked the other day to roll up and find the shelves empty here. Luckily I keep enough in reserve for 3-4 houses anticipating a shortage.

You in TX? No excuses to not have a supplier :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m in VT and managed to find one. They have to deliver to a commercial location, so I made arrangements with my local building supply/hardware store to receive it for me.


Yes, tx. I’ll call around, but the internet’s search for it sux. Found 1 but its just over an hours drive to get it, if the price is right. I’m just gonna day I’m thinking of getting into the pool biz, just in case its a problem somehow issuing it to wash houses.

When I started I used a ton of Wal-Mart Bleach!
Was Always fresh! They can barely keep it on the shelves for some reason! Anyways it was always just as good and strong as the 10% I used.
I finally found a supplier to deliver thank God!

I think it depends more on freshness. You know Wal-Mart’s is fresh. Their turnover is crazy. Lucky of anything in that store is there longer then a week.
That said…some pool store might have 12.5% but of they don’t sell a lot and keep it moving…it won’t be worth crap!

I bought 120 gallon in early spring off of Busy Beaver. Its a local store like a Lowes but smaller.
They had a sale at $2 a gallon. I took all they had!
To to first house and it barely worked. Opened a jug and smelled it and it barely smelled.
Had to return it all and the manager admitted it was last years left overs.
Wanted to kill him but he’s good dude
Treats me well.

So freshness is key.
Don’t be afraid to use Wal-Mart’s bleach. I mixed it 3 gallons bleach to 2 gallon water for downstream and worked like a charm!

It depends on the company. If they have an issue with you not being a pool service, they’re going to want a pool contractor’s license # before letting you order anything. If they don’t have an issue with it, then there’s nothing to worry about. So my advice is to not give any false pretenses.

My supplier delivers any quantity for a flat $35. I get 40 gallons at a time in 5 gallon carboys, at $2.75/gal. So after the delivery fee it’s costing me around $3.60/gal.

If I got 55 gallon drums, the price drops to $2.25/gal. But I’ve got no way to move whole drums at the moment.

Are you referring to the WalMart 10% pool shock?

It’s not Walmart brand it’s

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Wrong dude…In my area, no bulk suppliers. A couple of companies that will sell you a 5 gal jug for $50. We are truly stuck with Home Depot 10% or pool shops for $5-$6 gal at 12.5%. It is more cost effective to run 10%.

I was looking into bulk purchases, and have a company that would deliver to me (minimum 500 gal) at a decent price that I could resell in the market for at still a good price and make enough to pay for shop overhead. Problem is finding a shop of desired size to make it work. Most light industrial around here to 2000 sq ft or larger. I was thinking of a shop more like 1000 sq ft to make my projected sales profit to pay for the shop. I was even going to add other chems, parts, etc for the industry as we really do not have a good quality one-stop shop in a market of 2 million people plus.

Mind = blown :exploding_head:

I’ve got a population of maybe 150,000 in my entire market area.

Not Wal-Mart 10% shock but another company 10%.
I honestly believe Wal-Mart’s regular bleach was just as strong as any 10% I’ve used.
12.5 and 15% you really notice the difference.

I tried that pool essentials, it’s not bad in a pinch. Meijer also sells 10% lately.

When you are using 10% regularly, you just configure your set-up to make it work. With my DSI 10:1, pulling straight 10% I still have 1% hitting the surface. For painted and vinyl works great, for stone or brick, I tend to 12v or pump up. Still gets the job done, just a different process.


This website is good to find distributors in your area.

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Except when you’re running 200’ of hose and the best you can do is around 17:1. I tried 10% and ended up soaping most sections twice.

In my 1st quest for SH supplier, I did find a pickup location in Luling. They also do deliver, but Ive yet to talk prices.

Buy a different DS injector

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What wal Mart bleach are you referring to? Great Value? If it’s anything not pool shock, it’s at 8% highest 5% lowest aka meant for clothes not homes.
Pool Essentials brand is 2.64 a gallon at 10% and it flies off the shelves so it’s hot and it can be shipped to store.