SH Database

I’ve made a form entry that displays on a map to help create a national database of where to purchase SH. Make sure to enter the price into the form.


Are we talking 12.5% drums or pool shock suppliers as well?

Thanks, Heath. This is awesome. I added Allen Chemical in Rutland (Mendon) VT. Let me know if it doesn’t show up.

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I imagine the database would get rather cluttered if it tried to include every Walmart, Rural King, Menards, Job Lot, etc.

Perhaps the option for 1 gallon jugs should be removed, @TexasPressureWashing, as a way of keeping the spam to a minimum? Or is there a way for people to filter results on the map based on quantity desired?

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Good suggestion. Some places also only have the smaller supplies. Have to monitor it and see. But based on the zoom feature shouldn’t be too cluttered.


For now either.

It showed up.

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@Chesebro @Seandz any California locations to add? None so far. Thanks.

Leisure supply in Rohnert Park has wholesale drums in these sizes:

53 gal
30 gal
15 gal
5 gal
And packs of four 1 gal

I think Superior in Santa Rosa has the same sizes but you need to fill out an application and sign up to purchase from them.

I think I pay $179 for a 53 gal and there is a refundable deposit of $50 for the container

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What does the 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, etc… signify?

Revisions to get it to automate

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Why are you doing this?


SEO :shushing_face:


Just to make a SH suppliers easier to find. I actually didn’t want it hosted on my site and may offload it. When I started I lucked into a post on this forum that happened to do with an SH supplier in Houston.

@dperez SEO works a little differently as this doesn’t draw customers, it draws contractors.

The SEO gained from having a directory helps with your site’s ranking which in turn get’s you in front of more customers. Funny how you decided to put up 2 directories in short order on your site when it would have been a lot easier to just put on a drive document or other medium.


My rank is high 30’s. Haven’t ever focused on SEO. So I guess you can interpret it how you want. Everyone always does.

Any recommendations to add are welcome. I think the forum having its own page of links makes sense since this place is a resource itself.

If Heath is doing all this work for other beginners to find suppliers in a simple and easy manner who cares if he gains seo? It’s darn helpful… plus it’s not only for this site, it’s helping thousands on another page with almost 10,000 members. Want to make the industry better but we bash things like this that stop people from using other odd products and help standardize the industry with where to get chems we use to wash things with. It also helps people constantly buy from vendors so Hopefully the demand goes up, supply goes up, and we can have more sh available when we need it as some places aren’t always stocked like Florida is.

Idk this forum is great with great people and I learned all I know from here but it can be really unorganized, bias, and sometimes close minded. Plus it’s threads you know. Random posts from this to that and repetitive things. Some people want a easy directory to go right to the answer especially new washers. So I’m my opinion, I feel it doesn’t matter how you get the answer, as long as you are doing it right at the end of the day so it doesn’t affect how the world sees washing. We need standardization and lots of people prefer something like what Heath made, a map of all known good suppliers.

I mean change is happening y’all. Lots of new tech based people coming in, new generation people. Some prefer to gain nothing from sharing their info and others want to gain something from their info. If people want to buy something they will… if people don’t they don’t. If people want to go to his site they will, if people don’t then they won’t… I mean. It’s the Internet. Closing the laptop or the app on the phone and focusing on you stops those headaches. I’ve been doing that recently but i do check here time to time. But… point is, personal opinion here, I believe this is helping others in a good way and seeing it bashed here because of a past event is upsetting. He’s offering help. Help
is help.


Isn’t that what PWR does? Has a forum that drives new people with a side bar that links to an online store where people buy things for money profit and increases SEO?


It doesn’t directly bring you customers it gives you authority with Google which indirectly brings you customers. Just be honest buddy it’s not like I mind what you’re doing :wink:

I know you don’t check in here very often Dez, but Heath @TexasPressureWashing has been a bit on the defensive lately. A few members have expressed strong & repeated disapproval for the book he published, and by extension they jump on pretty much everything else he does, imputing ulterior motives at every turn.

I’m in agreement with you and @DJPWS: who cares if he is deriving some personal benefits from the resources he’s made available? He’s working towards trying to elevate the industry as a whole. The resources themselves are helpful. I hope it helps his SEO as a side benefit.