Setting up new motor. Filter help


My 5.5 gpm @2500 psi just arrived today :grin: I have a 1 inch king nipple (barb) Im going to run 1 inch hose from my buffer tank. After my pvc fittings. I have a filter from pressuretek but when I tested it before it allowed exactly 5 gal/min to flow through. Basically it will be a straight shot to the pump. What do y’all think of this filter. Honestly I’m not impressed but I was using a direct drive before. Will the 5.5 belt drive pull water through it without trouble. Here is a mock up of how it will be plumbed to give you an idea in case I’m not making sense.


You are good. Just mount filter sideways so you can unscrew it easier


That won’t mess up its functionality? I thought about mounting it upside down with the bowl facing upward but wondered the same.


All mine are upside down. It doesn’t make much difference


Thanks for the insight.


@Innocentbystander. Letting everything set overnight. Came out pretty good.


reviving old thread. shouldn’t the filter fill w water? The water line is above the top of filter. I’m weary of starting motor. Will it draw and film the filter up?


Started it up. What the hey why not. Ran fine. Although the water bubbles in the filter and doesn’t fill it up like I thought it would. I do have it installed proper flow direction. Either way. Is it supposed to bubble or should it not fill the bowl?


Bowl doesn’t fill up. Kinda like a fuel filter on your machine. Fluid goes thru screen as it travels past.


#innocentbystander is correct. One thing to watch out for is that there are no leaks. You don’t want the pump to suck air.


Thanks fellers. I ran this setup for 10 hours straight today. No problems at all.


Mount it sideways not totally vertically, IMO it’s suppose to be down so you use up the entire bowl and filter needs less cleaning intervals.

I have the same filter and mine is filled entirely and has no visible bubbles


Cleaning the filter outs based upon what gets in it, not which direction ir is facing


Correct, But if your only using 25% of the filter capacity it will need more cleaning as if it was using 100% of it’s filtering capacity.


I don’t think you are following how a filter works. You are using 100% of the filter regardless of its direction. But, do what makes you happy, it’s not hurting anything.


Mine is sideways too. It only fills up about 1/4 of the filter. I was worried too until i seen how it works


If the filter is full of water it is not cleaning incoming water. Water swirls thru screen and back down the line


I know what your saying and it makes sense.

I’m still at lost on why everyone runs filters. I’ve never used one and zero issues.

Am I just lucky? Or are these cheap screen filters another gimmick for vendors to sell?


I use a 1 in 50 mesh on my inlet of my tank and a 1 1/2 in 60 mesh before my pump. The high pressure filters on my surface cleaners and turbo nozzles catch the majority and need cleanin the most they work great!! Been thinking of going 60 mesh on inlet and 80 mesh before pump??


They aren’t gimmicks. I use a lot of hydrant water and screen filters have caught all kinds of crap.