Setting up new motor. Filter help


I only filter between tank and pump. No filter between source and tank


I think the 50 mesh the holes are to big and a 60 or 80 works better to catch stuff. The nozzles on the surface cleaner use to clog pretty often. But haven’t since the high pressure filters they last a long time to and are way better than having to stop and unclog a nozzle!!


Yeah this job I did I used a hydrant and had to upgrade the stock filter I been using that came w the pump as after seeing what initially shoots out is a lot of rust and sediment. I guess not running a filter isn’t too bad but be sure to have extra seals and ceramic plungers.


Flush the hydrant before you use it.


Of course. Flushed it before each fill up. Even still.


I run 80 mesh on all the machines. It’s the happy medium for the best of both worlds. I also backflush them weekly


Anyone else having trouble with the clear bowl filters from pressure Tek ?? Getting the bowl off and on maybe I just got a bad batch.