Setting unloader


I know this has already been discussed a couple of times but I’m still a little confused.

Just bought a new unloader(green spring from pressure tek) for my 5gpm machine. I first attempted to set it using only the red tip that came with my machine and setting it to where there was only about a drop a second while the trigger was squeezed. I didn’t use a pressure gauge while setting it the first time. After initially setting it, I hooked up a pressure gauge just to check and when I let go of the trigger, it went up to 4K psi.

My machine is only rated for 3k. Is the spike to 4K not an issue or did I do something wrong? I ended up setting the unloader using a pressure gauge to make the spike stop at 3k. I’d rather over use my unloader than the pump.

I also noticed it was bypassing a decent amount of water while I was using my surface cleaner. I have 2503 tips in right now but still saw that it was bypassing with the trigger held, it was at around 2500psi as well but still bypassing some water.

Thanks for any advice!


You are bypassing water because your unloader is not set properly. Toss the gauge. Adjust until you have a slight trickle of bypass and stop. You could try three different gauges and get three different readings.