See It Here First

Ok, so I’ve been trying to build this box truck for a while now, the stars have alined now so it’s time to do this thing. Got this back today…What do you think?

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Looks great Guy!!

That is friggin nice.

I think it looks busy, I would get rid of the drops in the blue area

Looking good

Tell em to print it!

Looks awesome!!

Man that’s great. Noone will forget that truck or your biz. Highly recognizable.

Looks awesome

Looking good guy. Maybe you can do my trailer. lol.

Oh No, I didn’t design that, Keith at KBK does most of our stuff…I Spray Water For A Living. LOL!

Looks good Guy! Keith is the man! The stars always align when you put your mind to something. That is how manifestation works. Looks good

Wonder what he charges?

Looks great!

I agree. It’s one of the best looking box truck wraps I’ve seen though.

The word “clean” is misspelled, too.


I don’t know Buddy, you made me think about that and I’ve been looking at it but I don’t see it. I would agree that it’s on the very edge of busy though. But I did have Keith re design the back door, it was too busy for a small area.

Note the black outlines over the wheel wells…that’s the access doors for the machines. Rhino lining the bed in a couple of weeks…I’ll post pictures of the progress.

Guy it looks great, what size is your box truck???

dave mac

Thats pretty awesome Guy!

Lets see some pics of the inside :slight_smile:

Looks great. Only thing is that on both driver’s and passenger side it lists residential multi-unit and commercial and on the back door it’s multi-unit residential and commercial. Don’t know why I picked up on it.

12’ dual wheel box truck…Ford Of Course. Lol!

That looks awesome I didn’t know he did that I’m going to have to give him a call. I wouldn’t change a thing with that design it looks perfect.