Rust removal vinyl

I plan to give a quote for cleaning the siding on this house but wanted to see what you guys thought would be the best thing to use to remove this rust streak before I talk to them about it. Thanks for any tips, suggestions, products, etc.

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Wth is that from.

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F9 or ox should do the trick. That’s going to make one heck of a before and after. I’m jelous!!


I don’t know. Looks like some kind of a drain line that has dripped for God knows how long

I hope they are going to fix the actual problem before you clean it

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That’s a service call for that stain. F9 or simple oxalic and that’s gone in 20 minutes. Do 5-arounds and get another job out of it. Clean it and then let them fix it. Or they’ll call you back for another $99 service call in 12 months.


House wash $450

Rust removal $200

You have to factor in getting on a ladder and spraying acid above head level, and /or in an area you can’t escape.

Suit up, full sleeves, gloves, respirator, face shield …the whole works.

That’s dangerous work, charge for it. I’d only do it as a package, not just the rust alone.


Drain line for the air handler? I would tell the home owner to check their float pan. If that drain line gets clogged and their float switch fails they are going to have some brown ceilings.


If they’re in an HOA I’d waive my minimum and do it for $99 and a shout out on the HOA facebook page and explain that you’re waiving the minimum. A portfolio pic like this and a recommendation on an HOA page will be worth it.

If all they want is the stain gone, I wouldn’t push the whole house wash.

It’s not that dangerous. Oxalic and stay out of the wind with your ladder. A throwaway chem mask, a couple nitrile gloves and a face shield. No need to dress like Homer at the power plant.

Pump sprayer and a garden hose. You don’t even need to hook up the trailer or fire up the PW.


I certainly don’t see where you would need a full suit. Unless if you are looking to put on a show to charge extra. Gloves and respirator should be sufficient. I started using a full face shield on overhead spraying when using F9 Barc or Rust Remover +. Have ruined 2 pairs of prescription lenses with the overspray when I didn’t.

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I don’t mean a literal chemist suit lol

Full sleeves, gloves, respirator, face shield or glasses to me is suiting up,

Im usually In shorts and a shirt.

F9 is Phosphoric acid… wouldn’t want that stuff touching my skin, or Oxalic.

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I did one very similar to that. when it’s old like that it takes awhile. I charged $250 for it and it wasn’t enough. 28’ foot ladder, IPA sprayer, scrub brush for some. Went through gallon of Barc and another gallon of Aluminum brightener. Took 6 -7 applications with 5-10min in between. The first couple were diluted some, then straight a number of times. Oxalic will work on lighter stain, but not so sure on one that’s been there awhile, but try it and see.

When I sent results pic to Craig over at F9 and told him the procedure, he said if it’s really hardened to hit with the Efflo first then switch to Barc.


In my experience Oxalic will not get that stain out… if it does you’ll have 10 coats with dwell.

If you charge $99 you’ll end up in the negative on your profits for that job.

Good luck!

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I use m37 on all my fleet washes and it’s phosphoric acid based. Never seems to bother me but it is fairly diluted.

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It’s very diluted… I doubt it would touch rust. Your probably upstreaming/ downstreaming 20-1?

At full strength I wonder if it would remove rust stains

If oxalic mixed the night prior doesn’t get that out of vinyl in 3 passes or less with minor soft brushing and takes longer than a half an hour I’ll send you a brand new bag of it to replace what you used and a handwritten apology wrapped around a gift card to your local grocery store for a case of beer.

This isn’t a difficult job. Just lie to me and tell me it was a tremendous headache and required power scrubbing and I’ll ship the oxalic right now.

It’s on vinyl.


Test it before you even get on a ladder. You can do half of it from the ground.

This took 30 minutes and it was on a painted surface.

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Thanks everyone for all the advice and suggestions!