Runners, weepers, and wash out

You know when you wash siding and the drain holes weep dirty water? (I can hear it now…USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION!)

Well… I’ve seen it called numerous different things and I was gonna tag @MikeZLittleRock in a couple, but my search terms aren’t working as I had hoped.

What do you call it? And if you posted about it and remember the comment or post can you help us both out (and future generations) and link your comment below?

I am new here but I think its called weep holes.
sorry , I think you were looking for this? Storm Windows - #13 by MikeZLittleRock

This is all I found searching.

I call them ‘leakers’ but sure a lot of different terms. Stand further back when washing and rinsing helps a lot. If not possible, after it’s dried a little walk back around house and spray a real lite rinse coat with as wide a pattern as possible and make sure you’re always going with lap over of siding when you’re washing and rinsing.

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Ok, so I have reviewed what you posted and have learned undoubtedly that I have been introducing unnecessary water from behind the siding:

  1. I should be rinsing at an angle where I am not introducing water from behind the lap seams/joints. That makes a whole lotta sense considering all the leaks (90% or more) start at a seam.

  2. I’m beating up the siding it would seem. Using too much water, too much pressure, etc. I need to trust the chemicals to do the work and just rinse lightly.

  3. I need to be doing a sort of “finishing touch” on the side when it is complete, to try and lightly just everything off gently.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback.


Sounds about right.