Runoff from underneath siding

I’m sure all of you guys deal with runoff from underneath siding. It’s water that get’s underneath the siding that starts running out after we have already left. Is there a good way to minimize this?

use light pressure. avoid spraying siding at an upward angle. rinse really well to flush as much dirt out of there as possible.

All those will help minimize. It’s probably impossible to avoid it 100% of the time.

We usually only see it on older homes with older vinyl siding. Often where the siding is not the original finish. We call them leakers and they will help you become a better washer if you pay attention to their cure.

First, apply only that amount of soap solution needed to clean the surface. Know your mix and trust it. Let it work. Then, rinse from the top down, standing away from the wall so as to minimize spraying up under the laps. Rinse once and rinse well but do not rinse more than necessary. We soap and rinse with 40’s or larger and I believe that not using the higher pressure small tips helps cut down on leakers as well.

Whatever you do, do not try to force enough water behind the siding to wash the backside of the siding. That’s bad stuff there.

If the problem persists after I leave, I just tell the HO to go over it with a damp rag.

We stop back out and wipe it up the next time we are in the area, which usually is
within a couple of days.

We are refining our ways and minimizing the drips. Some homes are better than others.

I personally would never ask the HO to wipe it themselves. What if it is 10 or 12 feet
off the ground?? IMO they pay us to clean their siding.

Great advice, Michael Mole and Tim Fields!