Rough concrete patio

The house is 40 years old, this concrete has not been cleaned in forever I am sure. I have a surface cleaner, but what would be recommendations here? I have not seen this in any discussions I have read, it is really textured. I can go back anytime and do test spots if needed. Thanks!

Just clean it. Take before and afters. They’re going to be awesome.


Pre and Post treat the surface and collect the check easy money there!


Watch your treatment around that tree though keep the mulch soaked with water.

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It’s exposed aggregate. There should be lots of info on here about it.


There is. Lots. My favorite before and after photos are usually exposed aggregate. They just look so nice when they’re clean.


As @sgb said, just clean it. Might help to do a good pretreat, but that should clean up nice.

Thats going to turn out great. I would go slower than normal or just go over each line twice. I love doing patios like that your going to blow the customers mind.

Those are the best, my favorite.

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Exposed aggregate is a pain to rinse so plan on doing smaller than usual sections and then rinse and go to the next section. If you do too large an area at a time it is bad for the dirt settling back in to it.


You might want to try rinsing with a white green or yellow nozzle, at least for me it’s much faster than the ball valve.

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Agreed, I seldom use the ball valve. It’s quick but not my style from a safety standpoint.

Nothing to it. If you pre and post treat just make sure when you rinse you push soap away from the tree you dont want it going in the tree well

Thanks for all the advice! I have a idea of what to expect now. I will post some pics when I am done.

I’ve been looking at eliminating them recently. An employee let one get away from him and it hit him in the chest, knocked the wind out of himself. I had an oring blow out and the valve got away from me and it hit me in the back of the head. Nothing major but it would have been worse if it hit us somewhere else. There is a sweet spot with them that doesn’t have too much back pressure yet still rinses good bit it’s hard to get someone else to find that sweet spot consistently. I’m thinking about making a wrist lanyard of sort. I keep looking at them using them and it makes me nervous now.

Are you running a k7 unloader?

Yes on one. No on the other. I have it sitting in a box just have t installed the second just yet.

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@Innocentbystander made that point about the ball valve in several posts a year or two ago. It gave me pause since all it would take is it getting away from you at the wrong time. I guarantee you the guy that is working for me now would try and grab the hose and it would beat him to death before he got it under control. I’m not saying I never do it but if it was the best way to use your machine there would be little to no market for guns, wands etc.

It’s hard to compete with its efficiency in surface Cleaning rinsing but definitely not the safe option. I’ve tried a few different tips including a 2-3gpm m5ds on an 8gpm. Nothing compares to the ball valve with rinsing. What tip do you rinse with?

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Same fan tip I wash with