Roof wash “cheap” gun

Has anyone here used a water hose gun? Like the metal ones, attached to a kuritek hose for roof washing from a 12v 5.5gpm pump? I don’t need a expensive gun, as roof washing isn’t really advertised. Just helping a client out who had a house wash. What gun is everyone using? And how are you connecting it?

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When we did roofs we used 99cent plastic garden hose nozzles


Crappy pic but it cost about 8 bucks a gun minus the jrod. A simple adapter would let you put a garden hose nozzle.on as well.

I just put a garden hose male right after my ball valve then can use any nozzle though my favorite for distance not shown is the red plastic ones from Ace for like a buck or so.


I have a j rod I planned on using but the ball valve isn’t a bad idea.

Banjo has a little one that I’ve been using lately too but it’s a little sensitive.


We switched from the metal ones over to these. They claim to be rated for 160 degrees hot water. So my thought process was they have better seals. So far they do hold up better than the metal ones. Also in my opinion they are more comfortable to use. I really like them.

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Is that a Master nozzle on your gun? If so, how do you like it? I’ve heard good things, but haven’t tried one yet.

I’ve had for 3-4 years. My go to gun - It’s indestructible. The only thing I don’t like about it is it doesn’t shoot a flat spray which comes in handy sometimes. But it’s the one that stays on the end of my hose all the time and gets used about 70% of the time for roofs and a 100% of the time for most everything else including post treating, spraying acids or whatever.

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On the poly guys there is a nut on the back side. Its 9/16. Take it off and the spring will come out as well. Most likely there is trash in there. Remove the trash and spray wd-40 in there and put the nut back in. The gun should work after you do this .


Good to know…I think I’ll try one this year.

$2 ball valve …reducer from 1/2 to 1/4…quick connect and a j rod.

I’ve actually been using a 3-7 gpm M5DS lately because I ordered to many last year. 7 gpm fat boy.

M5 is actually working out well with the ball valve…much better then j rod because your hands don’t get all nasty from switching tips.


Thanks guys, ended up going the cheap ball valve route. So I currently have a 26 gallon tank from northern tool, 50 bucks, then a 5.5 gpm northstar 12v pump. Mounting the pump to the top of the tank that already had the mounting holes. I have a 3/4” poly braided hose running from the drain hole to the inlet of the pump, out from the pump is a 3/4 to 1/2 reducer followed by a 200’ kuri tek hose. At the end of the hose is a 1/2” threaded to non threaded pvc fitting. Added about 4” of 1/2” pvc to the end of the fitting, then added the 1/2” pvc ball valve, coming out of the ball valve is a 1/2” to 1/4” fitting to make a j rod work with a quick connect. On the bright side, this pump has quick connects on the inlet and outlet ports which is kinda nice because I can disconnect my hose on each end and connect the hoses to transfer my SH from a 55 gallon drum to whatever I fill up lol


M5ds why did I not think of that. Good call.

I have a m5 in the trailer. May try it.

M5 downstreaaam nozzle. Regular m5 makes the pump cycle

M5DS has to be the 3-7gpm. The 2-3 makes it cycle really bad

Well everything went smooth. The ball valve definitely helped. I wish I would’ve had a bigger tank. 26 gallons went fast. I filled up 3 times. But this was a big house.