Darn poly guns

So I was at a job the other day, a very large house, and the trigger on my poly gun for my chemical went out. Ok, no biggie. I gtabbed my backup and strapped it on. 20 minutes later, my brand new back up goes out. I’m like “Really?!”. So I drive my happy ass down to Ace Hardware and buy a $3 ball valve. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another gun, lol. Ball valve works awesome!

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Ball valves are awesome! Sometimes simple Is better… Inexpensive, effective and easily accessible. I have found thru my own experiences that ball valves allow better flow, and help create a better spray.

Yeah i bought a poly gun, and it didnt last long at all. Ball valves work great, but sometimes i like one hand operation. I recently started playing around with a simple garden hose nozzle, and it works pretty good… shoots about the same distance as ball valve as a stream, but i dont like the fan spray as much. I ordered an adapter that screws on the end of the garden hose nozzle, that lets you screw a quick connect fitting in… going to try that and see how it works.

Lots of guys are starting to use booster pumps with just the simple gilmour garden hose nozzles. Any of them will work, most are around $3 bucks. I ordered a salt water and marine one that was around $7 to see how it holds up.

We use ball valves also. When you buy them, go with schedule 80 (the grey one). They will outlast the red ones.

You think you guys can post some pics of your ball value setup??

This is what i use for my roof pump, works pretty good

I glued everything except the tip where i drilled a hole

I have the hose hooked up with a female quick connect for when I roll it up


What about the j rod?? You don’t use one ?

For DS/washing houses yes, not for roof washing.

But you ‘can’ use one for roof washing. All it is is a holder for your tips of choice.

Just got this handy little fitting in today.

Going to try it out later and see how it does.

Nice, what pump are you using? 12v?

I use this one and saw someone post on here one similar but with better gpm, but i can’t find the link…

Right now i am using this pump, because it is what came with my van when i bought it. If i didn’t have it, i would probably be using a Delavan 5850, which is a popular 5GPM 12V that you can pick up for around $150 through a vendor like Pressure Tek, or maybe a local ag store.

However, i’m probably going to go for a booster pump eventually, and then keep the 12V for backup or transfer.

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I’m so glad I got away from 12v. I was going thru 3 or 4 per year despite the fact that I rinsed them every single day with at least 20 gallons of water.

What do you use now?

Gas powered diaphragm. No batteries to charge and one of the most chemical resistant pumps available. I love it.

Cool, do you have a pic?

Just like that one. Triple diaphragm, Honda GX200 motor, 9.5 gpm.

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sweet, id like to upgrade all my equipment, i feel like theres a step above everything ive got but what i have works fine, i have other financial priorities right now so that will wait. in case you were wondering, lol.

i love seeing what everyone uses, a lot comes down to preference but i appreciate a good upgrade, specially when it can bring you more profit, dependability and output capabilities

did you order that online?

No, I bought it locally. But you can order it online. But if you go that route, if recommend going air powered instead of gas. It’s the same system expect one is powered by an air compressor. The only reason I say that it because my gas powered setup has a bypass on it. So when I let off my chemical trigger, it bypasses back to the chem tank just like your power washer bypasses the clean water back. I didn’t realize this until I went to buy it and by that time, I needed it and didn’t have time to order the air system. Air systems don’t bypass, it’s just in and out. And pricing is very similar on both types.

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With the air system can you hook it up right To a tank? Or do you use a drop stick, Or can you set it up to do both ?

You can do either or…,