Roof Snot

Has anyone been using this? I have been thinking about giving it a try this week.

It has been our only surfactant for the last year or so. It is impressive and leftover mix does not destroy itself over the weekend.

The shipping calculator on the store site is kind of screwy when ordering by the case because it wants to charge shipping for four one gallon shipments instead of one four gallon shipment. Russ adjusts the case price shipping.

Good stuff.

Another good product to have. Very good to use on step roofs as it develops a lot of cling. I have experimented with the different products out there and have come to the conclusion that I could spend the rest of my life experimenting. So what I’m using today is Fresh Wash for regular pitched roofs. I like the masking capabilities and the reduced usage of sh. Since we started using it no one has commented on how the roof cleaning smells like a pool. For steeper pitched roofs we will be using Roof Snot. Need to check with Russ to see I if there is any issue combining it with Fresh Wash or if it needs to be used straight.

Roof Snot has great cling. Almost unbelievable.
Russ said it doesn’t have any detergent or cleaning properties by itself it is just to keep the mix on the roof. It works GREAT for that.

I’m hoping that the combination of Roof Snot and Fresh Wash creates a roof cleaning über-mix that uses way less sodium hypochlorite and keeps it all on the roof. Yes, it will add a few buck a roof but that is nothing compared to the cost of bleach and more importantly burned plants.

Used the other day for the first time and loved it. Wow never had anything stick like that. Gonna try it on a house wash and very steep roof tomorrow.

Doug Rucker Clean and Green Solutions 281.883.8470

Where do U buy it?

Give Russ Johnson at Southside Equipment a call

Thad I was told it is a surfactant and does have cleaning capabilites on its own…I must have been confused…

Chris, this is our only soap we use for both houses and roofs because it is clorine stable.

Either that or the information has been updated.
Remember, I beta-tested this stuff back when it was just called something letters and numbers. Before it was Talon and way before it was roof snot. I asked Russ about detergent properties and he said it was just for stick but it has been played with a lot since then (2010).

Is it really a much better surfactant then liquid tide??
Also if your going to use chlorine in your house wash what have you guys found to be the best stuff you can add to it to counter act the strong bleach smell?

John so far The Fresh Wash has been the best I have found for covering the strong smell. Today we are doing a steep roof so I am going to add roof snot to the mix as well as some fresh wash.

No contest.
It will hang your mix on a steep roof like nothing else I have ever seen.

Fresh Wash, hands down. Plus you can use less bleach.

You sold me Im gonna grab some of this today.

Just did a roof today using roof snot and fresh wash. I took a video see if I can upload it

Ok seems I need to get something setup to post the video. Will work on it later. Used the roof snot today mixed with fresh wash. It worked good, good cling on steep roof using a 25% sh mix I added 48 ozs 0f roof snot to the mix. And 48 ozs of fresh wash. Probably over did it with the two together but it worked very well. Only used about 30 gals of solution to clean app 20 square of moderately stained roof.

What is the Fresh Water your talking about?? What I really need the most is something to block the Chlorine smell… Where going thru probably close to 2 pallets of chlorine a week right now… We sanitize everything in sight…lol

John Fresh Wash does a great job of masking the smell. It’s also a very good surfacant. I did a roof cleaning and house wash today with it. carries it.

Is it just me or is the shipping charge on this stuff crazy? I looked into ordering some but the shipping to Maryland made it seem expensive. I don’t do roofs but was interested in it for a house wash mix, he said only a little bit into a 5 gal container makes it cling good.

Darn am I getting blind… FRESH WASH… Ok now It makes sense… :o