Roof pump with pressure hose

Im trying to limit the amount of hoses I have and wondering if I can use my 150 for 200 ft of pressure washing hose when I want to use my roof pump.

I know most guys are using 1/2" braided or Flexzilla for their roof pumps.

My pump is Amarinemade 65PSI and 5GPM and has a 1/2" barbed end on the outlet. I would have to run a small piece of 1/2 " hose with a quick connect fitting to go down to my 3/8 pressure washing hose. Would that work?

No you’ll need a separate 1/2in hose for your 12v

… why haha. Any explanation would be helpful! thx

Not with that mouth of yours. Good luck

Pressure hose isnt meant for that strong of chemical… itll eat right through it, you need a separate hose. kuritech, poly, or flexzilla are really the only longterm option

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Don’t be a cowboy, you chose this business. Do it properly, it’s always worth it

Using a 3/8 hose will cause more restriction over the distance needed. 1/2 is the standard minimum for roof soft wash units to allow efficient application of the chemicals at a higher %.

Also this has been discussed in multiple threads.

This one is good: Hoses for roof setup?

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If I use a 1/2 hose and hook it up to a jrod isn’t that 3/8 and wouldn’t that restrict the flow as well. and then not work?

sorry I mean the gun quick connects would be 3/8…so why use a 1/2 hose I don’t get it…

The hose restricts the flow through friction. The connect will restrict it some yes, but not as much as 200ft of hose. Also you need a hose made for stronger chemicals or you’ll be buying two hoses pretty quickly.

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Thank You!