Hoses for roof setup?

We are converting to air this season for roofs so i wanted to get from input from you guys. I have a few extra 100’ single wire 3/8 hose laying around that i was thinking about using for this setup. I havent had good luck with single with for actually washers but theyre a much higher PSI compared to a roof setup which will be run under 90psi from the compressor. Will these single wire be alright for a lower psi or should i get a few more 2 wire?

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The rubber inside the hose will get destroyed in one day with roof mix. Not to mention all the black crap will be sprayed with your mix. Don’t do it

whats your recommendation for roof hose?
kuri hose from pressuretek or just stay with the standard poly hose that we used on our electric setup and see if we can get some ends put on it at local hose supplier?

Kuri tech or ag hose. Poly hose is a pain to deal with, especially when the temp drops.

AG hose? Sorry im not familiar with that one



seems like everybody is just suggesting normal every day air hose?
Do you guys recommend going 1/2" or just getting a reducer for the reel nd going down to 3/8? I know our poly hose was 1/2" but im expecting a much better spray pattern with air

I didn’t see anyone recommend air hose. You need chemical hose. Rune 1/2 or 5/8. We use 5/8 and get 45 feet with 1/2in air pump. I have lot of friends that run 1/2. It’s all preference. But I do know that I personally never met anyone who runs 3/8 or air hose

Sorry, when i googled some of those they were suggesting they were air hoses. Look similar!

What exactly do you mean to you get 45 feet?

With a 5/8 hose and 1/2in pump we can shoot about 45 feet

Perfect. Ill get 200’ of some of the recommended in 1/2”. Thank you!

Kuritech hose is better the poly braided but flex tech hose is the only hose that comes close to the durability of AG hose ( agricultural hose ). Without the weight or stiffness. 5/8 is better than 1/2 for performance. 1/2 will fit more on a reel and be easier to drag around.


Any recommendation on where i can get 200’ lengths? I usually like to buy in 100’ sections for machines due to them popping but lower psi id imagine it wont be such an issue. The less connections the better

You’ll get better flow and distance with the 5/8 but it is heavier to drag around. Evryone sells 200’ rolls. Both the Kuri tec and Flex Tec rated to about 300 psi. both will last you for years.

Ill have to grab a 200’ from pressure tek! Theyve become my go to recently. I think ill go with a 1/2” we had decent coverage with our 1/2” poly it was plenty for us. Can always upgrade later on!

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