Roof pump hose options and opinions

I’m currently running 5/8” clear poly braid. It’s getting the job done but I’ll be upgrading to a better hose soon.

I’ve read about kuritec and considering it.

I just ran across this hose that looks to be high quality pvc comparable to the kuritec. Has anyone used it?

Also, what size hose is best for these systems? Could I get away with 3/8”?

I used kurituck when I first started roofs but switched over to 100 ft sections if garden hoses. Connect them with a plastic hose barb.

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You can get away with the 3/8 if you don’t care about distance. Just go with the 1/2" Kuri Tec and be done with it. It’s flexible, stays pliable even when cold and is extremely durable, lightweight, rarely gets a kink and has excellent resistance to SH and is relatively cheap. There’s a reason most roof cleaners use. Mine has years of pretty heavy use and still looks good.


Just curious of why you switched to garden hose. Instead of kuritec ive read alot of your post recommending it alot.

Kuritteck was good stuff . I sliced one open on a piece if drip edge and put it back together with a plastic hose barb. After it wore out gettin dragging across shingles I switched to garden hose. I punch pennies too.

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I’ve actually have some black continental hose with a white lining(of some sort) that I use as jumpers between reels. I forgot to order the polybraid and just used what I had. It’s holding up really well and still flexible as it first was. I was considering doing exactly this because I really like it as a supply line. Rarely kinks and holds up great. I would prefer it to be one continuous section so I’ll likely end up going with kuritec.

I might go with this when I finally get some hose on my chemical reel:


Looks like a good option. I’m thinking to stick with what’s proven and by kuritec but I’m reading different things about the size. Some say 5/8 will get you more height. I would prefer to have 1/2” to fit more on the reel and lighter but I’m not happy with the height on my current 5/8 setup. Maybe I’ll turn up the pressure or switch to a dual pump setup.

Your thinkin it will hold up to sh? If so, its a good option price wise.

flextral is good stuff

be cautious in using something that’s only “rated” for air and water use.


Kuritec is good last I ordered was 1/2 in so I can use it for spraying and a air hose when sand blasting. Also like the blue flex tech 5/8 has held up good for yrs. When I upgraded to the kuritec I put banjo fittings on the 5/8 flex tech and use it as a water hose it’s 250 ft. That’s the good thing about 5/8 when it gets time upgrade u can use it as a supply hose.

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Would not suggest flexzila for roof pump hose it flattens out on the reel unless u are going to pull all the hose off the reel Everytime. Kuritec and flex tech won’t do that and lots of times u don’t need to use it all.


I have the yellow/orange looking one that’s 5/8 I don’t care for it. I actually liked the poly braid better but I feel safer that the kuri won’t puncture on me.


Flex Tech headquarters and manufacturing facility is about 45 minutes from me. Was hoping to be able to get a hose directly from them. You can, but have to get a wholesale volume of like 10 spools or something. No one within 200 miles sells what I need either. Simply weird. Not much agriculture in these parts (actually there is, just not the major industry). I know I can order online and be done with it, just thought I would be able to get a better deal being that the manufacture is right here and cut out the middleman mark-up. This is like having your PW business in your hometown and not cleaning a single property there, but driving 2 hours away to do all your jobs.

On 12 V - for height, what is the major factor - hose size, pump pressure or pump volume or hose length?

All of the above contribute pretty significantly but we’re talking extremely low pressure here. So any one of the factors may affect distance by only 5’. If you were off in all of them, would probably cut your distance by 50%.

Flex tech r/t hose is absolutely the best hose for roof cleaning it’s almost indestructible . And super light. Super cut resistant. Kuritech get cut to easy and will develop pin holes in areas were the hose gets pinched.
5/8 hose is best all around. It’s only slightly heavier than 1/2 but reduces pressure loss greatly. It really make a difference with long runs or up high areas like 3 story building.


Be professional…stick to what’s proven. Last thing you want is a garden hose to start leaking SH all over a lawn or get on you or an employee.

Go with Kuritec. I use the yellow ag 1/2 in hose and have no problems.