Roof price

I have just eyeballed past roofs but this one is a big job. Almost 15,000 sqft of concrete, gutter clean out, house wash, etc. See also wants me to clean the chimneys.

Im going to be giving her a bundle discount for all the work to try and make sure i lock in this one.

I’ve got everything else covered but having trouble on roof sqft. Also ill need to bag off the gutters.


@Diamond_Soft_Wash the roof guru?
@infinity the number cruncher?

Im thinking $1200.

As far as the roof goes we would be between 1050 and 1300. Should take about 3 hrs and that includes the gutter cleaning. We use poly tubes for the gutter downspouts and they can be cut to whatever length we need. I would run them all out to the concrete. then flush the gutters when finished then apply plant wash or agent halt whichever you prefer. The poly tubes i get from they are the 8 inch by 6 mill.


Also Tarp all the vegetation while working in that area. As soon as your done in that area remove the tarps.

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Which do you prefer? How do you apply it?

Well we have been using plant wash for years and its been working ok. Its a pain to apply because you have to use a hose end sprayer. We started using Agent halt thru the proportioner and it is much easier. As for which one is better Im not sure yet as we just started the agent halt this week so it will take about 3-4 weeks to see if it works the way it should.
I do hope the agent halt works because its really easy to spray thru the proportioner.


I just received my softwash metering system and a case of agent halt. Haven’t installed it yet. Any tips on dialing it in on the correct setting and dilution ratios with agent halt? It would be ridiculously convenient if we could DS it.

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I like plant wash too. sodium thiosulfate is the SH naturalizer. Ive considered buying it raw but i dont do roofs much yet. Mostly while helping rick.

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I have been looking for those tubes! Thanks. I just bag it off with trash bags and take a roll around trashcan over to get them and dump them. You have to constantly keep a eye out to make sure they are not getting to full though.

I use the proportioner from the power wash store. Im not sure what metering unit you have but if they dont have the gf metering valves then Im not to sure how to dial it in. As far as the agent halt goes I believe it is like spraying a .5% thru the soap tank valve with the water valve all the way on.

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I used to use trash bags but they would always find a way to break or leak on me. The tubes are way more functional for what we do.

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True. Im going to have to get me some.

House: 5400 sqft
Driveway/brick walkways: 13261 sqft
Roof: 4992 sqft

Price: separately
House $580
Surface cleaning $1989
Roof $1248

Bundle price

How did 3840sqft on the original image turn into 4992sqft? Are you figuring in pitch?

Ya i think i did it right.

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Nice, Ive never even attempted to figure in pitch. I’m interested in the math of it though. I’ve been taking the original sqft and just adjusting the price per sqft according to pitch, gutters, vegetation and how dirty it is.

Heres a link racer sent me to help me understand. I need to by one of those cards you look through to see pitch. Rick thinks this roof is a 10/12 pitch from the pic so you would times the sqft by 1.3.


I do that too i just want to make sure i get this one right because of the money involved.

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Here’s another one I use too, scroll down page a little. Also I use app called Pitch Gauge.