Roof Cleaning Equipment List

A contractor asked me if there was a comprehensive list of the must-have items for roof cleaning and I couldn’t think of one so let’s start one here and when we get it all laid out I’ll make a sticky out of it.

I’ll start with the simple stuff:

Spray gun or wand

Let’s get specific with recommendations on these and then start listing all the OTHER stuff you need.

I know there are awesome ready-made systems available but let’s keep this list geared towards the guys who are going to put it together themselves.

Solution tank

Pump- Delevan Fatboy or 5850 depending on budget, or Flojet Pentaflex. I think a 5850 is a great pump to test the waters with.
Hose- (need recommendations) I use 5/8 Kuri-Tec but I don’t love it.
Tank- 50-100 tank with no bulkhead fitting.

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Hose- I use 3/8 air hose; doesn’t kink and cheap. Only downfall it it is heavy.

You mentioned that you burn through 12v pumps very quickly. Now I see why.
You need at least 1/2" if not 5/8" hose.

An Accumalator.

Water hose
Spare pump
Spare fuses

Thanks for making this thread, Thad… I have been meaning to ask this question for several days. Keep the recommendations coming, fellas…

You did ask this question, you just didn’t ask it here!

a long hot shower and a case of beer afterwards. Messy stuff…

Clear plastic tarps when you need to protect some plants.

Plastic bags for bagging downspouts.

Plenty of garden hose to rinse plants with - as well has good spraying nozzles.

PPE - respirators, goggles, gloves (not saying I use it all the time, but I do have one for me and any employee)

Plenty of back up stainless steel quick connects.

Don’t forget the ladder, and the leaf blower guys :smiley:
And some large leaf bags, to catch run off from downspouts.
We also highly suggest some 3/4 inch water hose from factory direct hose.
This big hose is super lightweight, and almost doubles the volume of watert, for less plant damage!
Also highly suggest 2 firehose type water nozzles, for all water pressure situations.
These things FLOOD the plants really good.

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I would like to do a Good, Better, Best table for options and make it a sticky.

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What’s stopping you?? :smiley:

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I have bought some cheap gutter hook clean out tools that don’t work for cleaning out gutters, but work great for just hooking on the gutter with no restricter or tip on it and let water flow and soak the ground before we spray and also dilutes the mix as it comes off the roof while applying. We also use our PW 525 gallon buffer tank use a very very open orifice tip (very low pressure) to rinse plants with while applying.

I am looking for a good employee to wash roofs so I dont have to anymore

I found one but it took eighteen years of careful training.:slight_smile:

Nobody has mentioned this yet, but don’t forget whatever you’re using to thicken your mix!

Depending on your particular condition you may want to remove stains from asphalt roof shingles with either Roof Cleaner OX which is Oxygen Powered, environment friendly green eco-cleaner or pick an industrial roof cleaning chemical with Roof Cleaner QSE a work horse cleaner with roof algae stain removing power - QSE : Quick Simple Effective.

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