Roof cleaning bids always in person?

Can you do phone or online bids for roof cleaning, or do you have to do an estimate for every job?

Is there a per square foot price range that would allow you to phone bid?

We have 3 house pictures and just ask the customer what one most resembles their house.

We also back up what they say with bing maps.

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I bid roofs that aren’t in my immediate service area via Bing maps and pictures from the homeowner.

Bing is worthless for a lot of the houses here. Too many dang trees.

95% of roof bids done on the phone

We use bing

Here, too, a lot of times that’s when I asked him to snap a few pics with their cell phone and text them to me.

Bing Google sawbuck and others. But if their close, I visit. I am old school, and love the “at home” close cause it allows me so much more add on sales. Funny thing is, when I close at the home, I sell for more $$$, on the phone/computer seems to be more price concious.

The roofs are a 50/50 split with the net or at the house to do an estimate. There’s alot of pitch factors along with lichen here so I have to check the roof out at times. Between roofs,wood restoration jobs and Commercial work I go to them to do most estimates.

When they call, as soon as they say roof cleaning. I pull up Google Earth and ask for the address…Google earth is good because you can see the historical images so you can find what picture works the best.

Trey, check out bing maps birdseye view. For me it works better than google earth.

Bing is great if there aren’t too many trees. I used to have to switch between Google and Bing to measure but now Bing has a measuring tool.

We looked at one yesterday in person because the house was a legit mansion… 10,000 + sq feet.

Hope we can close it this month…

100% over phone.

I’m going to start using ResponsiBid for roofs. If I have to look at it I will use the mobile version.

I bid a roof today I had looked at on goggle earth and had a price in mind already.Then I decided to drive and take a look in person(about 20 miles). In person I noticed the siding needed cleaning also…upsold the homeowner an additional $225.00 making a $500 job a $775 for later this week.

I use Zillow as it gives you a good pic of the house AND the square footage which is what I charge by.
.10 one story .20 for a 2story home.

This is my 1st season doing roofs so I’ve been doing bids in person. Explaining the no rinse method & everything else that goes along with it. Personally I do better when I do all my bids in person but unfortunately just can’t. As you probably know there’s not enough hours in the day.

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All over the phone estimates for residential.

I do all estimates in person I feel people like a face with the name. Plus I upsell like crazy while walking around the house, especially if there is wood resto that needs doing…

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