Roof cleaning air setup?

Have been running a 12v setup for the last few years due to a space issue. Id like to convert to air on the new rig but cant find much info on what i need. Ive been looking at a few gas air compressors that seem like theyd do the trick. Can anybody give me some detail on an air setup?

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All you need is an air compressor and a aodd pump. Also a good water separator, the pumps don’t like moisture in the air line.
The more cfm your compressor puts out the bigger pump you can run.

Depending on budget I would say its better to buy a bigger compressor first and save on the pump. Better to over size the compressor and upgrade the pump later if you want.

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what would you recommend for pump size? Ive seen some diaphragm pumps that were recommend by guys on here that arent crazy priced actually pretty cheap

The pump size is dependent on your air compressor size. If u have a small compressor trying to run a 1in pump it would be inefficient.

Im looking at a 5.5gallon and 5/8 pump

Well just picked up a SENCO wheelbarrow compressor! Honda gx190 motor, started right up and grabbed it for $200. SCORE!

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Endless you plan on flooding a roof a 5.5hp air compressor will power a 1” air pump the same as a 13hp compressor will. The nozzle is the restriction. A 0030 nozzle will produce the same no matter what pump or compressor you use.aside from lasting longer. The advantages of bigger pumps and compressors really don’t come into play on roofs endless you want to over work your ground guy.
I have all size pumps from 3/8 to 1” and compressors from 5.5hp to 18hp after years of wasting money on big stuff I run 5.5 air compressors and 1/2 air pumps on both trucks. Never need anything more.


I am looking at setting up 1/2 inch air setup. What kind of vertical distance do you get out of your 5.5 hp compressors?

I never measured it to be honest. I can say this . Occasionally we clean roofs from the gutter line sometimes entire community this way. I’ve never had an issue reaching the peak. I normally run my pressure to the pumps at 80psi . On windy days I would turn it up to 100psi. The pump can hand it but you will blow a diaphragm much quicker.

I use a water separator and a toilet paper filter. Go with 1/2 in when u get it going u will love it!!!


Hey man I got a quick question and I know you’re super knowledgeable with this air stuff! So these past couple days(central Florida, but it’s been cooler as you know) I’ve been having issues with my 1/2in all flo. It keeps stalling on me and then when I let off the gun for a bit, it starts going again. I was curious what type of water separator you use and where you put it on the air line? Right after compressor, middle of line, or right before pump?

My first thoughts are that I am having issues with too much moisture in the line. I am just hoping it isn’t something worse. Wanted your thoughts and input as maybe you have encountered this issue.


Moisture really is only an issue for corrosion. There is a metal shaft inside the pump.
Spray some wd40 into the pumps air inlet will stop the stalling. I actually run oilers or foggers on my pumps use air tool oil. This stops all stalling. I’ll send you a picture if it

Thanks man! I called a place today and they told me my pump might be icing up and the ice crystals inside are stalling it. Told me I needed to buy a new water separator thing for like $100. This didn’t make sense to me though because when it stalled, I felt the pump and it wasn’t cold in the slightest way… some of these suppliers make me wonder sometimes…is it about helping us contractors or selling more product…

any recommendations between aro and all-flo pumps?

Would you mind posting that picture?

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I don’t have any experience with “Aro”. So far the all-flo has been pretty reliable until this slight issue I’m having. Most of my buddies run all-flo or Yamada

i just know ingersoll rand makes decent compressors and they produce the pumps

Interesting. Honestly I would say get whatever is the most convenient for you. If the local places around you service ARO maybe go with that. If the local places stock Yamada parts go with that. For me, the people who supply All-flo pumps and parts are 30min away. The easier it is to service the better

we have no local places! I think ill buy the ARO with an extra diaphragm for a back up!