Rocking a WW Mondo

Finally getting around to posting a video from this past summer using a WW Mondo. Larger is faster, by far, in the right circumstances. Before you get one, figure out how you’re going to carry. Though not that heavy, it does take up a fair amount of space.


What size machine is pushing that?

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So much for the 4 inches per 1 gpm theory lol


Those were originally tested for 12-20gpm machines. Whisper wash used our 17gpm machine to test it.
It was great I actually took a lunch break while whisper wash cleaned a few hundred feet of sidewalk for me .


y, you could fly with 17gpm

It was a single engine powering 2 x 8.5 pumps for 2 guys . I didn’t build it to run 1 person @ 17gpm. They guys at WW knew I had it and were looking to test and fine tune the 48 before it went up for sale .


Can you lost some pics? I’ve been wanting to do this with a 3 cyl diesel… but can wrap my head around how disengage a pump if only one guys working.

You think those new electric clutch things they have now for pumps would work?

Or just let it bypass everything back to tank

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Man I hate autocorrect

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I didn’t disconnect the engine had two settings 1500 & 3000
At 1500 both pumps were turning at 50percnt I used a 3way ball valve to redirect both pumps to one unloader. For one man operation.
Simple switch the ball valve and each pump would have its own unloader for 3000 rpm . It worked well but the engine I used is not common in America and parts were always weeks away. I used this set up for a few years . Until I was down for 3 weeks because of a simple water pump.
I still have the engine.


You could also use a 12volt clutch. They make big ones to hold up to 50hp each. There about $800 a piece though

Racer, I assume you prefer a mondo to a classic? how about on exposed agg?

Not really. It depends on the job. Small or tight spaces Classic hard to beat. Surface doesn’t really matter to me unless it’s broken up, then Classic would be easier and also less expensive and easier to repair if you hit something.

What I am struggling with is the well-established standard of 4 inches per gallon rule of thumb to have a surface cleaner be operating effectively.
I had a 21 inch cleaner on a 4gpm and it worked, albeit slowly and usually two passes over dirty surfaces.

With 8 GPM, referencing the rule, it would seem 32 inch cleaner would be the max.

I am truly interested, in that I am bidding on some commercial flatwork north of 15K sq ft for monthly cleaning and this would help cut time tremendously but only if it was efficient.

Perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me, but in your video that does not appear to be a very dirty surface. Do you feel it would still work well on 8.5GPM if the surface was dirtier?

It’s was a drive-thru at one of the busiest Chic-fil-a in the country. Wasn’t terrible because they maintain to a high standard, but still dirty. I’ve used on pretty dirty stuff and it does fine. It’s slower walking but still quicker. My friend who I was helping uses his 60" Sidewalk solutions most the time on it. Switching from a 28" Big Guy to the 60" saves him 3 hours on this one job. I think it’s about 20k ft. You have to figure in all the stopping and turning around, etc. that you’re not doing. Even though you’re walking slower, you’re doing a lot less of the other things.

But for one 15k ft job I wouldn’t get. A 28" Big Guy would still knock out pretty quick.

It’s just another tool in your arsenal. Not going to use everyday. If you did a lot of large concrete jobs then it’d probably be worth it. I have a 32" that cleans great, butI rarely use because it rolls on the slightest hill and a lot of my work is on hills. But for certain situations it’d be fine.

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I think we all think our Chick-fil-as are the busiest ones in the country :smirk:


I can’t eat there because they use peanut oil, just going by what district guy said. But you may be right, they all seem busy

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That has to be awful. Emily is allergic to almost everything especially peanuts but things cooked in peanut oil don’t seem to bother her.

I’ve always been and my only allergy, so can’t complain. Just have to watch where or what I eat. Fortunately not many places use Peanuts or peanut oil.


There’s a sidwalk solution #60 for sale here, they want 1800 Obo. Used once.