Rig Washing

Somehow, Google has saved every photo I’ve taken since early 2014. Must be associated with an email I keep around for spam. Thought some of you guys might like to see what it’s like to work on these rigs. Dirty work for sure.


Those guns are interesting as hell! What are they all about? “Can’t run a dump gun man I got to have this straight pipe”. How heavy is that thing and again why the need to go that route.

I didn’t realize who I was talking to with your new pic man. Nice upgrade my man

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I didnt realise who it was at first either. Hey @DisplacedTexan is this part of @Max1 and yours plan to go undercover just incase @Innocentbystander gets the ban hammer? You playing the long con here? :rofl::rofl::rofl::clap::clap:


I assume you’re talking about the steamer guns right? They’re pretty stout but that little handle hanging off of it is almost exactly at the balance point so you can easily one hand it. The two reels up top are strictly for the steamers. Like you have one some of your rigs, there’s a series of valves off the pump you have to turn to redirect flow through those guns. They’re super handy but they do get clogged quite a bit from the hose material breaking down.

I’ve always wanted to play around with bypassing some water to wet steam just never had a real need for it so I set that fantasy down. Cool stuff man

They’re awesome if you have frozen equipment for sure

Hotsy 1290 series, I like it.
Nice pics dude.

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@DisplacedTexan Cool pics. I never could imagine what you were describing. I always pictures some up and down pump thing I’ve seen in movies. What you shown looks terrible to clean. If you get anymore pics put them up!

First time in history I actually need some Hotsy parts. Have you seen their belt tensioner bracket they are using for the new Winco generators? The 2fs Jenny is long gone and I don’t want repair to be my only option and besides I need more anyway.

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Pump jack production


PCP surface drive ( progressive cavity pump)
These are all on production side. He showed pics of the actual drilling rig.


I’m sure @DisplacedTexan charges them the “terrible to clean” fee, I know I would!. Some abseilers around here are at $200 an hour just for the hang time.

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Unfortunately I have not. But I can put you in touch with a guy that knows Hotsy from top to bottom if you’d like.

Yes please

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Boatner enterprise in poplar bluff Missouri @dperez
Ask for Dan ,He’s awesome
Or Kennard Boatner, hes the owner. If Albert answers just say hi and politely ask for Dan or Kennard, He’s a window licker and not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Lmao thanks man

Hell, that’s the least I can do for ya Dez ,I owe ya way more than that buddy, wished I could be of better assistance man.

It is but a good degreaser and hot water with a turbo can fly through most of that stuff. Water based drilling mud is super easy. Oil based mud is when you need chems and hot water.


One thing I always liked about Hotsy is they will actually send a rep out to you and he will basically dismantle an entire machine and explain how and why everything works the way it does. My local pressure wash store is a Hotsy dealer and they have a rolling workshop and will come get you fixed up on site if need be.

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I want to say we were at $200 per hour per machine with an additional $25 per hour per hand. Always ran crews of one operator and three hands so about $475 an hour. That’s sitting or washing.

EDIT: It may have been $100 per hour per machine. I cant remember. That was years ago and it’s been a long day lol

Until the warranty runs out ,then its $90 an hr if you bring it to them, can’t imagine what the want for on site work. But they do back their equipment and the more you buy the better they take care of ya. No complaints to much, Just gotta learn to fix it yourself, Electrical is my downfall. I’m still without hot water on one machine.