Rig Pictures

Thread for showing off your rigs…

Nice looking rig Lou


How do you like that Hydro Tek. Stainless Steel frame looks awesome !

This is an old video, but you get the jist.


Did you do an extra bracket I order to have your hose reels suspended like that?

It’s changed a little bit since this pic…

Tell me about the suspended reels that were there, how was it done and how did it work for you? I ask this because I see there is only one horizontal bar on rash side and I know these reels come with a pair of mounting holes on wash side which would only give you access to use one pair from what I can see in this setup

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Mike nice truck!

Here are a few shots of our rig and a short video doing some mods.
Small and compact.

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I’m looking for a good way to secure my sc on my trailer. Did you just lay your surface cleaner on the tool box, or is it secured there for traveling.


Here’s mine.

Mine before and during paint job. I don’t have any afters yet. Or graphics

Here is a picture of our equipment while doing a parking garage cleaning in Johnson City, TN

This was my very first rig, that was a long time ago and was a terrible set up for what ended up being our bread and butter of KEC work.

Working on a name change so the decals aren’t installed but I do have a front end mod done to my 2001 Ford E250 that has a Billlet grill and a head light conversion with HIDs for those late night jobs ;)this looks better in person but the head lights are amazing at night. Highly recommend this kit is you have a E 250.

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How did you do the logo wrap around the top of your trailer Guy. Exactly what I’m looking to do with mine instead of the usually areas.

Can’t see much with them being in box trucks but here’s a few. 9 trucks now in the fleet between our two companies.