Retaining wall process

Hey guys just thought I would ask some quick advice. I have a concrete retaining wall to clean which is pretty heavy with organic growth. What would be the best course of action for this?

I’m not sure if I should hit it hot then high pressure to knock it all down then post treat to eliminate any remaining organics.

Or would you hit it with pressure first to knock off the heavy growth then treat it and let it do it’s thing and maybe rinse after a dwell?

I know of some of the processes, just curious as to which would be most efficient and if anyone else has advice please share.


6 ft wand turbo nozzle rinse spray some bleach on it and you’re done

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Sounds great thank u sir, I was thinking that would be better to knock off the big stuff so I don’t have to use hot mix to kill it.

i just use half and half in a pump sprayer with surfactant. 2 applications and a 3rd in the areas that still need it. be sure to keep the grass wet. this was probably the nastiest i’ve done. usually 2 applications will be plenty

Nice work! You even made the bush disappear! You oughtta get you one of these…


I still love this thing. Used it 3 times times this week. Great for applying stronger soap mix on commercial jobs, acid washing drives, whatever. Lot quicker than breaking out 12v or whatever. Perfect for smaller jobs, say less than 1500 sq ft. Flush it for literally 1 min and it’s ready for whatever next chem you want to run thru it.


I’m just the opposite. I usually hit with a 30-40% mix liberally, let dwell for awhile and then just use my M5ds nozzle which puts out about 600psi and done. Both ways will work, but I’m old and feeble, never use my turbo nozzle, lol. Plus my way a lot less messy.

It’s a great hybrid between the 12v & pump sprayer. I’m going to cut off the extension section that comes with it & put on a quick connect so the jrod will be an option. I’m curious to see how high it will shoot with the 0010.

thanks and yea the angle was slightly different but it does look like that bush disappeared :joy:
also i was thinking of just getting a backpack sprayer and using it as a handheld sprayer. not strapped to my back

Just saw this video of the new 40v one that supposedly 600 psi. I like how he pulls out of a cooler to roll around instead of carry 5 gallon bucket. Ryobi RY124052 40-Volt HP Brushless EZClean Power Cleaner - YouTube

I agree. And thanks for labeling the before & after photos. We may not have noticed any difference if you hadn’t gone through the trouble.

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