Repairing surface cleaner

Got left in a driveway for 2 minutes and resident backed over it. Wrapped a steel band around it. She’s a heavy girl now but still kicking


Now that she gained weight, if you removed the elbow over the swivel do you think she’ll hover too high, or be just right?

It would probably be ok, but why mess with a good thing :slight_smile: it took a lot of heat and beating to get flat steel beat into a hoop.


You’re right, that is hard work, plus she’s handmade now.

Good save. Nice to have the shop to do that sort of thing, knowledge is helpful too.

This is one of the reasons I preach to my guys about keeping unattended tools and equipment off sidewalks and driveways. Glad to see that you got it back going. I don’t know if this will help, but jnequipment sells replacement covers for some surface cleaners.


Ain’t that the truth. If there’s a way for them to run over something they’ll find it. Nice save @Innocentbystander.


In all fairness, I’m the one that left it there. Another reason I don’t like driveways lol

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Perhaps you should dock yourself and take a couple days off without pay :joy:

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Fire yourself & rehire yourself after reflection………


Funny the same thing happened to me on a big strata job i was doing earlier in the year. Worse part was the surface cleaner was only 2-3 days old and a lady was backing up near where my guys were working and ran over it. Spoke to the strata manager and they couldnt wash their hands quicker and told me to talk to the tenant who ran over it. We ended up having to let her know it was her resposability. Long story short, we told her we either made an car insurance claim or she just cut me the cheque for what i paid for. She chose to pay out of her own pocket.

That’s not professional… I hope your joking you threatened a customer with a car insurance claim for running over equipment you left unattended?

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I thought the same thing but I didn’t want to be the grump anymore lol. She should have never paid him


Must be a Canadian thing. Why should she pay for your negligence. Down here you would have gotten sued for ruining tire, lol


Do you think i can patch this or should i just purchase a new cover?

This just happened, it had a crack and a bolt sticking out of a column pushed it into the rotating bar while I was cleaning

Old street sign would make a nice patch. If that is your only surface, order a new bonnet and tinker with the repair when it’s slow

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I have another one I’ll use and figure out what I do with this one later

JB weld and a piece of metal

I think covers are only $60 they also come in aluminum.

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Where did I find covers for 60$? I only see them for 100