Remote solenoid valve setup suggestions

I figured I may as well as set this up while I’m at the trailer build and ordering stuff. @SchertzServicesLLC I seen your thread, it lookds like you have the SNS 2W025-08 valve? Hows it holding up? Which remote did you pair it with?

Everyone else, do you have any brand preferences? I’m just looking on amazon right now and I see US Solid, and a few others. This particular valve has Viton gaskets, which I think would be good.

This one looks interesting as well. It turns off power completely when closed.

Just looking for some general recommendations with brands, setup and such.

This looks like a good remote option. 328’ operating range in open, although anything has to be better then walking back to the trailer. I recently started using the m5ds and love everything about it except walking back and forth.



So I should be at 1/8" here? Why wouldn’t I want 1/4"

Also the remote that was linked to has an operating range of like 10’ when obstructed according to several users on amazon. This will be inside an enclosed trailer.

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This is what I have been using. I got 4 months out of the last solenoid and 3 years out of the remote. Totally worth it to me.

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Mounted in the box seems to help the solenoid last a little longer

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Here is the solenoid I have been using, about $10


I also added a rotating amber light to mine so I can tell when the remote hits and the soap is turned on. Sometimes it is hard to tell if your remote has hit. This way if the light is flashing I know I’ll good


What type of range are you getting with this remote?

I have 200’ of hose and as long as I can see the trailer it will work. I haven’t tried it farther than that.
If I am on the back side of the house I can pull the trigger and press the button. You can feel it jump when the soap comes on. So even out of line of sight it will work. This remote has a little antenna which seems to help. The one I had before that I got 3 years out of wasn’t available through prime so I changed to the one I listed above. No problems so far

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It’s an old link. Those remotes are good for a few hundred feet. Screw the blue wire into the metal of the trailet and the trailer is your antenna. Should be 1/4 inch. It’s the design I put together for Russ at Southside a few years ago


The valve went bad after a couple months. I ended up throwing a ball valve in its place. I have only used my 12v system 3x since I upgraded to 8gpm and downstream everything.

That remote will work fine. Just order some extra electric valves and make it easy to swap out if you are dead set on using them.

Also the stainless ball valves that i got of Amazon like the 3 way ones. They are junk. Started leaking after 3 weeks. Sent Amazon a request to return them and got denied. I switched all my valves over to ag style (the yellow ones posted in some of my earliest videos)


I’m going to use the remote system to build a downstream control box this winter when I have tinker time.

@Innocentbystander how many can I put you down for lol

I got a bunch put together already. Too finicky when you have employees

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Well you can mail it my way! I’ll put one to good use. Then I’ll have more tinker time lol

Put them for sale…want 2

I mail stuff for free but I am not in the business of selling stuff I make, except grills. I have had enough ideas taken as it is. They take less than 10 minutes to put together and can be made for around $40. Go tinker everyone


I ended up ordering this. I went with this one for the viton. I’ll let update everyone here when I put it together. Thank you all for the input.

I have the parts never got time to put them together…

Now grills… ceramic covered 1/2 drums?