Remote soap switch


Looking good. Might want to get a regular hose nozzle too. That tip mainly for distance, but only flows about 2.5 gpm I think. Fine for shooting up to peak on roof, but if you’re rinsing a house may want a difference nozzle.


Bucket test yet?


Not yet! Still getting some things connected. My “custom” tank is back ordered another month. So I’ll still have to pull a trailer with my ibc tote. Building that connection now and will bucket test after dinner.


I want to order a j rod but I wasn’t sure if I would have a new pump. Should I buy my j rod biased on gpm on bucket test?


If I were you, I’d order an empty j-rod and an assortment of nozzles. They’re cheap. Experiment and figure out what works best for you. Everybody’s setup and preferences are a little different.

Side thought, maybe a bit of a derailment, lol:

Has anyone ever used a PWM motor controller on a fatboy pump? I use one to throttle down my WFP pump, and it works well for that purpose. I’m just wondering if there would be any advantage to being able to throttle down the fatboy for delicate/lower volume applications (like maybe hydroxide for wood restoration? You don’t want to be applying that stuff at 4+gpm…)

Amazon and ebay have pwm controllers with pretty generous amperage ratings. From a technical standpoint it should work :thinking:


I ran a bucket test with it from the line just before the hose reel and was right at 5 gallons in 60 seconds. So that’s accounting for the flow through my proportional system.


Video uploading now!


Guess I don’t know what that is? Like a power restriction “dimmer switch” for lack of a better term?


Here it is everyone! Final results from the setup.

Bucket test with water running through hose comes out to about 4.5 gallons per minute.

That’s on 200 foot of 1/2id k tec hose with a cox reel.

I was shooting over the roof of my 2 story house in the wind. Really happy with the results! I can’t thank @squidskc and @Racer enough for all the input!

I have my 1% mark set!


Essentially, yeah. PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. Traditional dimmer switches work by reducing the voltage, which will work fine on an incandescent lightbulb, but messes with electronics (like LED’s) and motors that are designed to work best at a particular voltage. The PWM basically chops up the power supply into very rapid pulses, and varies the “width”, or duration of each pulse. It’s the best way to vary the speed of an electric motor.


A PWM trolling motor will last 3 times as long on the same battery as opposed to an old style trolling motor with preset speeds.


Well my new pump quit on the first job! If I twisted the solenoid on the top they would take off. I would have to keep pressure on it to make it stay running. Has anyone ever seen this before?


@Innocentbystander @Racer @squidskc


Never had that problem., That’s really kind of strange. Usually Delavan’s are pretty good.


If you got it from Bob, call him


I got it here at the local farm store. They told me to bring it in for an exchange. Just seems weird!


Does remco make a devlon? Mines made by remco but it’s a fatboy series


It’s probably just a Delavan with a private label on it.



Fuel tank is mounted! 12 gallons lol I guess I won’t be stopping for fuel much!

Headed to pick up the pw motor tomorrow!