Remote soap switch


No I have 2 jumper lines… Takes all of 30 seconds to hook them up though!


They are ordered lol


What size Cox reels are those? You know the capacity of them? Looking for something that will hold 200’ of 3/4 hose for supply.



@squidskc will I get a lot of flow loss if I’m testing the output with the reel wound?


These will hold 200 easily. The green on lest is 150 and has plenty of room.


Are you going to be washing with all your hose on the reel? :slight_smile: don’t test it that way. Test it with the hose pulled off. Train like you fight.


I was pretty disappointed when I ran a bucket test… but it was in the shop with the hose wound.


If it’s looped around your reel 50x that means it’s gotta go against gravity 25 times. Not to mention the manifold tends to bend the hose at a hard angle. I don’t know how much it would really affect output, but I’d definitely pull it off.


I also need to upgrade that pump… 2 and 1/2 years old and only 4.5 gpm when new.


So you know when the test starts the pump is lackluster. Barely even a reason to test if you already know. Add 250 feet of hose and you’re under 4 gpm.


When you bucket test your self pump do you get full output of what the pump puts out? If it’s 7gpm at the pump do you get 7gpm at the want when wide open no nozzle?


Pretty dang close.


I’m getting half… idk I’ll look it over tomorrow…


What size engine? Do you have a psi gauge? What the psi rating of the pump?


It’s a 12v softwash pump.


Oh. I misunderstood. How are you priming?


I ran the test by filling my sh tank that’s above the pump. The last 2 years my pump has been above the tank and always pulled its own prime. Always shot 2 stories and I was using garden hose for a softwash line.


I may have to move my softwash reel to the bed where I was going to mount the pw reel. Get it closer to the pump? Then mount the pw reel on the front? I wish I had a long bed…


Try filling your draw hose with the garden hose and then drop the tube in a 5 gallon bucket of water. If the pump sounds like it’s running fine while your filling it gently with the garden hose, but it changes sound after the bubble you get from transitioning from hose to bucket check for air leak.