Remote soap switch




Real question here is wtf are dog diapers


My wife ordered those for our German shepherd… I didn’t realize that was in the picture! You ever had a female dog in heat in your home? :nauseated_face:



Thanks for posting that!


No problem! Next time the dogs in heat I’ll let you know what an irritated dog looks like lmao!


Looks good man. Nice set up


Thank you sir


Sorry, but why do I see metal everywhere? You have to realize you are pumping something extremely corrosive.


Everything is stainless except for 1 2 inch brass connector. The plate is aluminum.


I’m not at all concerned with the tread plate even though the fumes will start corroding it eventually, I’m talking about in the plumbing. Brass would be a big no no, stainless steel is not far behind. Look up a chemical compatability chart.


Looking good man!


If it lasts a year or two I’ll be perfectly happy! I know it will last that long since I was using brass before and I went 2 1/2 years on it!


How easy is it to replace the remote valve ? can the solenoid & valve be change without removing valve body?


I would have to take it apart by un-spinning it in 2 giant halves. I think I could change it out in 15 minutes. I haven’t looked to see if I can change just the body. It does have bolts!


Lol ok good luck


It works!!


Secret is out! Hose reels mounted!


You better put a plow flag on that thing…or 2…I would forget about it and end up in a soccer moms backseat lol :sunglasses::rofl:


Guessing they are not plumbed in from the reel?

Edit: nevermind i zoomed in in picture.

Will give it to ya on creativity… i like the set up in the bed of truck.