Remote Downstream Injector Build Under $50

@anon37135677 @DisplacedTexan @SurfaceMedic here ya go. Short video. Fancy diagrams. Enjoy!

Links for parts are in the video description on youtube.


Dude, you are awesome! THank you sir. I will let you know how it goes after watching it and giving it a try!

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Awesome video. Thanks. I have a request. I’d like a remote to throttle my machine up and down. Any ideas?

Also, what type of problems do you have with the float valves? I’ve seen a few people complain about them but I’m still on my first one installed. I’m thinking I should have a spare on the truck now.

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They just stop working after they stop water the first or second time it seems. I’ve been through a pile of them.

I’m working out the kinks on starting and stopping the machine via remote and my honda is one it’s last leg. Not sure on the throttle part, but this winter I’m going to figure out how to remote start the pressure washer before I swap out the engines. Maybe I’ll play with the throttle idea.

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Nice. What’s the reasoning behind the remote start besides the fancy factor?

Ok, a couple of questions. On your set up, I thought you said you were just starting and stopping soap, so why two valves?? And could you not put another remote ball valve inline between the stainless “T” (use a T instead of a ball valve) and fresh water to make it flushable and to flow water when rinsing? Any possibly wire it where when you turn one ball valve to close, the other one would open? I’m no wiring guru, so that last part may not be possible. And you may have it set up that way with your two valves, I just thought you said you were using it only to start and stop soap and not water.

Not with the 2 wire I don’t think, but I’m no wiring guru either. 2 motorized ball valves are too much of a headache to figure out.

One motorized ball valve on and off is all you need to start and stop soap. a 3-way valve before the motorized ball valve will allow you to flush it out with water after a job.

I wouldn’t do a two motorized valve set up again.

@Harold I start and stop the machine with my trigger open to save the pump some wear and tear. On two occasions I was on a roof and the machine just ran and ran while I rerouted hoses, etc. Another time my hose burst while I was in between the gun and the truck, tossing bleach all over the grass and a sidewalk. I just want to be able to kill the machine from a distance should I need to. But also fancy.

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To answer your question about the 2nd ball valve. It’s only there to flush the injector with water. It doesn’t flush the soap valve. And the way these valves work is that they shut when power is removed. So when I send power from the soap valve to the water valve, the soap valve shuts automatically.

In short: the second motorized ball valve on my system is completely unnecessary.

Ok, well that is in theory what I was saying. So your flushing your injector and flowing fresh water thru the injector when rinsing. Just not flushing the soap ball valve. I assume that really never gets flushed. So the way you have yours set up, do both valves work off the same remote?

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I marked up a screenshot I took of your set up. So is this basically how yours is set up? SH on one valve and water on the other and then the T goes to your injector.

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You nailed it. The SH valve gets flushed after every job by dropping the siphon hose in a bucket of water. They’re stainless steel, but I’ve already had one go bad. Since flushing after every house for a few minutes, no problems.

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Yes. One remote.

Awesome! So I assume your using a drop stick for your SH? Mine is hard plumbed on my current set up but I could just throw in a 3 way valve before the ball valve and flush it like your doing now. And that is great on the remote controlling both valves. I’m digging the set up! I have a buddy that is a wiring genius so I will probably be bugging him or conning him into helping me with it. I am building a new trailer set up this winter so this definitely just got added to the list of things to do! Thanks again man!

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Are you just wanting one that can to either full throttle or the slowest throttle or are you wanting something that you can select any rpm you want? I think making one that could go either full rabbit or full turtle wouldn’t be too tough but being completely adjustable where you can stop it at any rpm range might be more difficult. Maybe not though.

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Thanks Brodie! @squidskc

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Something like that. I’d like full throttle and about half throttle.


In some situations I like to go half throttle. If the algae is heavy I throttle down to get a stronger mix. If I’m rinsing old doors or 100 yer old windows I like to rinse at half throttle

Also might consider some research in to these.

They’re apparently super programmable in a bazillion different ways to make stuff work that don’t have other commonly available options.

I was thinking more of a mechanical setup using a linear actuator motor. Same principle as our remote valves. Would be cheap and easy.

Not sure if this exact actuator would work I just pulled it up with a quick search.

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