Remote downstream/fuse box/bus bar/volt meter/fancy lights


No. I still need to get that picture. That one was a manual not electric


I didn’t think that was it, but thought I’d ask.


It appears that the rinse setting is just stopping all soaps. In order to have a rinse setting you would need a 3rd valve on a 2 soap setup and or one of the vales would be 3 way. I see none of the above here. Not good…


It may also be meant more for upstreaming then downstreaming. It would would work for both. While you can downstream their soaps they really recommend upstreaming.


Here you go.


They sell a 1/4inch metered ball valve for 25 bucks. I might pick one up and continue using the gp high draw injectors and put the metered valve at the reel to control my mix that way.


All you need are 2 $11 valves and a $15 two channel remote. One valve open flows soap. Open the other, soap stops and it pulls water


Maybe I like to complicate things, but I like the looks of this. I’d love to get away from batch mixing anything and be able to adjust my mix on the fly. Any idea on price?


O it’s expemsive lol. $325.


@Patriotspwashing…in one thread you were talking about a remote gutter cleaning robot thing…I thought you were half joking but I’ve gotta ask did you buy it.?..I tried to find it again but I must not have bookmarked it… sorry not trying to derail the thread but this just popped in my mind remote downstream… remote gutter cleaning robot…similar…lol


No… after reading reviews it was a no go lol.


I’m going to a vacuum system this year, a two motor vac from amazon for $500 and buying poles from gutter pro vac or something like that. Or I might I know in some areas of the country a vacs a no go but I think it could work where I am. Especially if I make it known that if you have a flower bed growing out of your gutters we can’t service you.

I quit doing gutters last year cause I hated doing them, but a vac seems like an employee user system.


I’ve seen 2 companies here buy them and sell them. But we have pine straw down here. Maybe y’all don’t


Yeah that’s what I’ve heard is that they are no good around pine trees. We have minimal pines here… usually gutters are either full of compost and growing a garden or there just normal debris.


@innocentbystander…lol the town I live ins catch phrase is Flowertown in the pines… I’m just going to say we have a pine tree or two here… vac won’t work here either I guess.


@squidskc was amazed at the amount of pine here


Nope. And a vac won’t clear the roof, valleys or downspouts.


It was in blankets. Some spots ankle deep in pine straw. I finally understood.

It’s tons!


They use pine needles as mulch in NC. I’ve Never seen that up North.


City of Raleigh actually banned using pine straw next to dwellings after to many house fires. Still, people make a lot of money from straw if they have a few acres of pines. Makes gutter cleaning a nightmare