Remote downstream/fuse box/bus bar/volt meter/fancy lights


It’s different than what I was use to but I like it. I was amazed when I saw guys driving around with bales of pine needles for sale. I live near the Pine Land National Forest. Which is basically an area over regulated and hard to build on in NJ. Over regulated says a lot in a heavily regulated state too. I’ve never seen anyone using pine needles as mulch. It would be such a good idea. NJ would probably tax you if you used their pine needles though.


Bill I’ve seen it done in Medford. A couple of my customers were using pine needles in their flower beds. It made for easy clean up after gutter cleaning.


They beat the hell out of having to deal with artillery fungus. Only mulch I’ll use. Do the best job keeping weeds down.


I grew up in VA, and thought it was nuts when I moved down to GA and saw that literally everyone down here uses pine straw for mulch. The guys that bale it make good money at it too.


@squidskc How is this coming a long? Did you ever finish it?

I’m having some problems selecting the right valve combinations from the selection of US Solids. I want water flowing when soap isn’t. Did you end up going with one electric ball valve(HW) and one NC solenoid(water)?

@SchertzServicesLLC Werent you working on these to to resell? How’s your project coming a long?


Still haven’t had the time! The next 2 weeks are pretty booked but I’m hoping I’ll get some time after that.


I’m building a system with one 3 way ball valve. A high quality ball valve that will hold up to the chemicals for (hopefully) many years. As long as you wash it out at the end of the job that is. I am not a fan of multiple NC NO valves. Just a lot going on that can go wrong. IMO


Nope. It’s still sitting in the same position on the bench as the pictures above. I came into some money that I’m trying to buy an investment property with and in between getting cold feet on on one and learning a whole new kind of math it’s taking a ton of my time.

Anyway, I bought two electric ball valves and a two channel remote so I can turn one on at a time and one is water and one is SH. Ultimately, I’ll have to turn one off before I can turn the other on. It won’t be automatic.