Remote downstream/fuse box/bus bar/volt meter/fancy lights


Hold my beer


My d/s remote


I think winter storm Gia is going to leave me with a lot of time this weekend and the last of the parts came in. So the build starts today!

But first… breakfast


Last teaser before I start filming it. I think I’ve ironed out the final layout, ball valves underneath, fat boy under that, and battery in battery box on the deck under that.


It already looks better then my ball valve hanging from the trailer wall like a Christmas ornament. Not sure how to mount it. Some mounting brackets or hanging holes would have been great for an enclosed trailer.


Velcro buddy. I think I’m going to try some out door Velcro to stick it to the bottom of the box.


I tried Velcro. I would stick to the wood. I’ll have to reassess that idea with some gorilla glue


This is the remote unit I built, Everything works great, except when in the off position, a couple of times it blows the hose off of one of the fittings Apparently caused by pressure feeding back from my down stream injector. Anyone else have this happen? (powered by a 12 volt Dewalt battery)

Thanks Chad


Good idea on the dewalt battery. I actually thought about running it on my small Milwaukee 12v batteries but wasn’t sure if it would do what I needed.

Good to know someone else out there is making it happen.


Looks good. I never had this problem but I have my hoses secure with hose clamps


Here’s a set up from my local supplier hydro chems Pretty nice looking but I wouldn’t be surprised if the price tags $1500 plus


waiting for @SchertzServicesLLC to build them


Boy that’s fancy! Charge your phone!


I’m hoping to get too it before long. I haven’t had a day off in 3 weeks now…


It happens


98% and still on the charger lol but it’s my iPad…


I see a major flaw with this system… when your not running a soap you are stopping all flow to the injector. So you are sacrificing flow of rinse water.


Rinse setting is there


Or is rinse just stopping everything


Is this the DS system you were telling me about a while back?