Remote Downstream - Flow Chart


Well my electric ball valve finally went out after several months without rinsing. It was a simple setup, but flawed because when I wasn’t pulling soap I would lose flow. I had a single electric valve inline between the injector and the house wash. It also had SH in it 100% of the time.

So now I plan to build it out correctly this time and could use some extra eyes before I pull the trigger and order this stuff. The electric ball valves I selected will open or close based on polarity. With this option I can stick to one channel. Check out the flow chart and parts list. Does this look like a solid plan?

Parts List

  1. (2) 1/4 Electric Ball Valve - Reverse Polarity

  2. 1/4" Y Connector

  3. 3 Way Ball Valve

  4. Single Channel Remote ON/OFF


Everything looks good, except I would use the N/O valve on the fresh water line, and the N/C valve for the soap. This will result in less drain on your battery, since 2/3 of the job is rinsing.

Edit: just read the description of the valve. Durr. Didn’t get the concept of the reverse polarity actuation at first.

I’m a bit lost on how that remote is going to pair up with the ball valves, though. It appears to be a very simple on/off remote. How will you reverse the polarity to open and close your valves?


The remote is 4 wires. Two are for the power supply to the battery. The other two are + -, they will be hooked up to the valves. Each valve will be wired opposite of each other. Hopefully that makes sense. It’s hard to word this stuff. Diagrams tell a better story to me.

And hopefully I’m thinking about this accurately. I’m certainly not an electrician


Edit: this will not work. This remote functions by completing the circuit, not reversing the polarity. Back to the drawing board.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking


I guess I’ll need to go with a multi channel remote. I cannot find NO/NC electric ball valves. I know solenoid Valves come In those option but I find them less reliable.


I want to try what ever IBS uses

Ordered new stainless ball valves but realized im probably wasting money and time setting that up instead of the remote one


i Don’t think he uses remotes anymore due to reliability. He used selenoids on a post from
Years ago on another forum. I could be wrong though


Yea i found his post


Hey did you re-read this post


Nope, but I will now(as soon as I can). Thanks