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Well I’ve been seeing the news lately and one headline struck me, it was talking about how we are most definitely going into a recession. Obviously most of us realized this awhile ago but my question is what do you experienced guys do when the economy is not doing so hot? Do you just keep going? Target higher income markets? I have not been washing for the past few months as i’m still a college student, I was able to get a part time job so I can have capital when I do start back up. I’ll most likely be starting again in February or early march. Anyway I just wanted to get your opinions on this!

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You want something recession proof look into starting a house cleaning service. I swear all of our customers gripe about how they can’t find a good one.


That’s how our company started…it sucked and was sold off, lol. But it was started for the same reason, my buddy couldn’t find a decent company to clean his house. They wouldn’t even show up for the initial quote visit they scheduled…

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Its going to depend on how you’re positioned once the easy money stops flowing. Thats why customer service is important. Ive probably retained 90 plus percent of all my customers and maintain zero debt. I kind of think a recession could help me by eliminating the guys who are levered and provide poor service. It just wont be as easy for them to get work. What little work that will be available is likely to go to a reputable business. But i haven’t experienced one since ive been in business. Maybe one of the more veteran washers could share their experience from the 2008 debacle

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Yep, a recession is a growth opportunity, if you’re properly positioned. It will thin the herd, and if you pick up those folks, then you have them (and the referral stream that comes from them) when things improve. Essentially grow your share of the market while it’s down, then you have a larger share of the market when the market goes back up.

Interesting! I’ll definitely take note of that once i get the engine running agin on my business. Also another question, how did your business do during covid and the lockdowns?

boomiing! Everyone was home staring at their dirty house, and got a bunch of free money checks in the mail…the issue has been this year. I htink since everyone got a wash last year, we’ve had to chase mostly new clients this year. That will payoff next year as those people start washing again though.


Heck yeah man! Glad it was good for you! Do you take time off in the offseason or do you do Christmas lights/other services?

We’re a month deep in Christmas lights right now…faster/higher revenue than wash by far. I have one truck still washing until Thanksgiving, the other crews are all on lights since 10/3, and until the end of January. Then we’ll clean some gutters and start the process again for spring, lol

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Same, 2020 was my busiest year yet. Lots of people with nothing to do but work in the yard and stare at dirty houses. Landscapers and handymen were booked solid too.


How hard is it to hang the lights? Even growing up I never had any put on my house. I’d like to have some stream of income next year when it gets to cold! What is your location?

It’s generally very simple, if you’re good on a ladder/roof. We’re in central/northern VA.

I gotcha, i’ll have to look up some videos on it, whats the average ticket for those jobs?

:point_up: this about sums up my experience with Covid as well

Not me, my state banned PW from working during covid, not considered necessary. When they finally eased off of it, it was late spring early summer. I guess I could have went out and washed anyway, but 200 splash and dash non insurance guys could work it without a fine, me I would be pulled over leaving the drive.

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If you’re not going to run it for a while, you oughtta put some StaBil Storage in the fuel & run it for 5 minutes. Gasoline doesn’t age well & carburetors don’t like old gas. StaBil is goooood stuff!

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Fairly well actually, I primarily do window cleaning which makes people feel better…something in desperate need during a pandemic.

At my college I saw a window cleaning business a couple weeks ago, they did both of our dorms I believe. It may have been campus workers but i saw the company name on one of the trucks! I love watching window washers do their thing.

Depends on your market like everything else…for us about 3x the average wash ticket

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cleaning business is hard, but stable most of the time
That is how we started over 15yrs ago, then we added the PW
and do other stuff, like taxes during the tax season among other things
always keep an eye for opportunities

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