Recession Business

Now are the customers paying for the lights or do you invest in them and then take them down once christmas season is over?

we own a metric crap ton of lights at this point…we install a display for the season, we will store them independently for reinstalling the same display next year, but it’s all our stuff…

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Ah…so that’s how the rich people do it. Makes sense, a customer of ours pointed out a lot of those McMansions are stuffed with furniture that is leased.

Yep, we just make sure it’s very clear to people, because we had an outside rep briefly and his clients all seemed to think they owned them and we would put them back up for like $200 the next year… :roll_eyes:

We tell people, “this is an ultra-premium service”…of course everyone still thinks that is them until they hear the minimum/average, then those who it doesn’t fit decline. Some of them get angry, because they like to think of themselves as “ultra-premium” people until it comes to the ultra-premium pricetag.

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So why not just offer a discount for next year if they agree to ‘store the lights’ on their house all year haha. That way your attic doesn’t get too clogged up in the meantime.

because that is excess wear and tear on the lights that have a limited life expectancy…plus the few commercial jobs we have that have made that request use magnetic strings, so we have to reset all the lines and replace any out bulbs every fall anyway. Takes probably as much time as putting them back up to begin with. Plus, we still have to store the tote…just less stuff in it :wink: