Quick injector question (SOLVED)

So my 100333BL GP injector stopped drawing soap, it IS sucking my finger, but if I attach the soap, nothing?

Any ideas?

(The mix is fresh and there is no blockage, the mix flows out of the tank/pipe freely)

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Is it fully sucking you finger or just sorta casually sucking it…lol


Hey man :wink:

Domestic stuff going on :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s sucking good (can I say that?!)

I’m baffled, booked up all week - can’t wait for US shipping for a new one.

I took the blue bit off, the spring and ceramic ball seem fine. It did fall apart, so I assume it’s the right way - as in ball then spring?)

Looks good to me, ball on top

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Hows the oring look in barbecue fitting
Damn autocorrect, barb fitting

I just looked at that actually, it’s fine.

I don’t get how it can suck, but soon as I attach the chemical pipe, it doesn’t draw.

You can see the mix with a few bubbles in-line and they are not moving at all. Take off the pipe and the injector is audibly sucking :tired_face:

Did u blow out pipe? That’s strange

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I get those mud packer wasps at my joint and any hole unguarded gets filled in no time.

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So I went and emptied my chem tank, filled with water and it definitely isn’t the tank or the pipe as it’s clean and the water flows through the pipe.

Now, this is the bit I can’t figure…

I put my hand into the chem tank to see if there was suction. No. I covered the submerged pipe with my finger and it sucked super hard, took it off, hovered my finger over it, nothing. Placed it back on the pipe and boom - sucked my finger to it?!?

Will it draw with no wand ?

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A little bit of foam if I use the ball valve. It doesn’t even drain the chem tank though - so it’s literally a dribble coming through.

I’m stumped. It sucks very strong with the pipe off at the injector. So much it pulls your skin. Pipe back on, nothing. Same as the under water version. Super strong when covered, remove my finger and it stops completely.

There must be some logical explanation for this.

The trigger/gun is a ST2315 and works perfectly. No leaks.

None of the tips work the 0040 or the black rinse tip.

Nothing has changed in the setup. The fact that the injector sucks is really frustrating!

Hole in your hose somewhere. Put a new hose on the barb and stick it in a cup of water and see if it pulls. Your injector is plumbed backwards to mine but y’all are on the bottom of the planet so maybe that’s normal :slight_smile:


Hey @Innocentbystander :wave:t2:

Done that. I got new pipe and a small container - same thing :thinking:

I’m all out of ideas and need it all day tomorrow :open_mouth:

(The dirt is on the outside of the new pipe - it was in storage :+1:t2:)

Injector is haunted. Get new injector first up tomorrow.

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If they sold them in Australia - I’d just buy a new one :tired_face:

Well, my time is up - I’ll have to hope and pray the bloody thing works tomorrow!


So your saying, if you take that hose out of that container and put your finger to it ,you will get good suction? Or Are you saying, you have to take the hose off, then but your finger on the blue barb to get suction? If it’s choice B ,then it’s your blue barb letting air in,fix it by installing a 1/4 hose clamp…

Teflon tape the blue barb threads? I don’t see any tape on the fittings either.

O-ring inside the female QC in place and good shape? Try taking the spring and ball out…it’ll draw all the time but at least it’ll draw for your jobs.

Just throwing out ideas, these are similar to carburetors which I’ve worked in a fair amount.:ok_hand:

It will also fill your soap tank up with water when you let off the trigger.


Sounds like a leak to me. Maybe the injector itself cracked and when you put your finger on it, the crack pulls itself closed and you get a feedback loop going so it stays closed. Take a close look at it. Try putting the injector in a bucket of water so no air can leak in. See if it will draw then. Or plug it up and hook up an air compressor. Put the injector in a bucket of water. See if bubbles are coming out anywhere. If you can find a leak, you can wrap the whole thing in JB weld and maybe get through the job.


Nevermind, don’t do that!:laughing: