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I’m starting to pressure wash and have a female hose quick connector with male wand quick connection and female surface cleaner connecter I want a ball valve how do I do it since my 2 things are different

Change one out so it works.

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Do they unscrew?

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Yes. Put teflon tape on the threads before you put it back together.

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Thanks @Clean_Blue

@Clean_Blue any ball valve recommendations

Get a ball valve from Pressuretek. Also buy a male and female quick connects. Get stainless quick connects too.

@Clean_Blue thanks

This one?

A lot of people here use female quick connects on both sides of the gun (3/8 inlet and 1/4 to wand). The general consensus is that you want the male end leading (that’s the side you’re pulling towards the house) on the pressure hose so that when you’re reeling it in you don’t bang up the QC. Also if you have a connection in the middle of the line and you’re dragging it, if you hit a rock or curb it won’t disconnect and create a writhing serpent of destruction.

Change the connection on the SC so you can plug your gun into it. Super easy to disconnect for rinsing/wetting, and then you can go right back to SC again


So I want a male on the surface cleaner and wand?

Yes, females on both sides of the gun. Male wand pipe, male SC connection

Whaaaa? How does that work, I can’t picture it

I’m still a little confused sorry can you re explain

They can fit male and female :wink:

Not funny


Did that help?

How’s does it connect? Via Bluetooth?