Question for those who also do window cleaning

If you are primarily a pressure washing company and do window cleaning, do you offer exterior only on residential or do you do the whole job, interior and screens too?

We are a pressure washing company and wannabe exterior window washers. We will offer exterior window wash with house wash next year. The screens get washed with the house. Somebody else will do the interior.

In interviews with clients this year, there were quite a few that seemed open to exterior window wash. The clients that already have window washers want the insides done also. No thanks.

We dropped interiors as of this year.

How do you clean behind the screens if they just get cleaned with the house wash?

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Excellent question. We encourage the customer to remove the screens if they want the accumulated “environmental dirt” flushed out from behind the screens. Some are not bothered about it and leave the screens in place.

Some remove the screens and then want us to wash them separately. Yes, there is a small charge for washing the screens separately but people either want to pay the couple of bucks or they don’t. We haven’t registered any complaints about it.

I suppose then that the ones who sign up for window washing next year will have the option of signing up for screen wash too. I am glad you brought this up. It will help me in my presentation.

I just figured that if you leave the screen in place, that window will stay dirty, and the part of the window above the screen would be clean. Kind of doing half the job. Does that cause issues? And how do you price for that?

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You are correct. And we would be happy to remove and re-install the screens for you at $5.00 per window. The people that care to get their window exteriors washed will remove the screens themselves or write us a check. It is their preference. And I have a feeling that if we get too many that want us to fool with the screens, we’ll drop that option.

We see more full screen than half screens. I would like to offer a full service customer experience and their pretty much is nothing that we won’t do but we do price it so the customer can decide what they want.

I am not trying to sell window cleaning, I am trying to offer a full service experience to my clients that may include wc if they desire.

Man I would love to do outside only…

Me too Chris that’s why I was asking. I’m considering dropping residential interior cleaning next year and making up the lost revenue with roof washing and more gutter cleaning. It seems that my most profitable WC jobs are always exterior only.

I stopped cleaning interior windows. ( just not for me). Ill do the outs with a wfp if they want it done, but I don’t even advertise it or bring it up. Just no interest in windows anymore.

Hey Washed Up, did you use to offer full service window cleaning?

Bam! Said the lady.

Spray Elemonator on windows. Rinse Elemonator off windows. BAM! Clean windows!

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Agreed, sort of.

Add WPF to said window WOWZER, freshly polished window. That just added $150.00 to the ticket.

But more importantly, it increased that customers enjoyment of their home. How can you put a price on that?

What is WPF?

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CleanER windows.
Maybe even shiny windows.
But not $6 extra per window clean.

Agitation is needed to remove surface dirt and either a squeegee or pure water rinse for a spot free finish.

oops. water fed pole.

Yes sir

I don’t charge extra for that. But when the customer asks if window cleaning is included with the house wash, I tell them, “Yes, the windows usually turn out great, and most of my customers are very happy with the way they turn out. But if you want a more thorough window cleaning, there are companies that specialize in that.” The customer is always satisfied with how the windows look when I’m finished with the house wash, no matter if I’m using Elemonator or Roof Snot.

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I prefer to keep everything exterior only. It’s easier to schedule jobs if the customer doesn’t have to be there. However, if I am slow and the price is right, then I will offer interior/exterior and screens are always extra$$$.