QR connector for X-jet?


I’m really struggling to find an adaptor locally for attaching the x-jet M5 to my handle. They all have the M22 to 3/8" one, but no 1/4". Can someone point me to a site that carries them?


Buy a new gun with standard 1/4 in threads

Do the M22 - 3/8 QC before the gun


Can you elaborate? I’m trying to visualize that, are we talking about a different kind if wand? Right now I’m using a Generac wand with female M22 threads, it’s about 1.5’ long.


I feel like I need to imediatelly shower after looking around the internet for your M22 fitting. It pains me to even say that word. This is what I found you but really I have no idea what you’re talking about. You could also just run a 3/8" x 1/4" brass hex reducing/reduction bushing ifyou already found something.


Here’s one with male NPT


Ok, I’m trying to attach the Xjet directly to the handle instead of on the end of the 24" wand which is difficult to use. Didn’t realize it was this much of an issue.


That fitting would go where your wand attaches to your “handle”. Then you wouldn’t have a lance just the trigger gun


Perhaps you could start with showing what you found that you can only get in 3/8"


Lowes or Home Depot, they have a section for pressure washing accessories. Both have brass connectors to attach ‘hose to handle’ or ‘wand to handle’ but for some reason it’s only in the larger 3/8" instead of the industry standard 1/4" like the xjet or wand tips use.

Here’s an example.



If you wanting something like this you’ll need to get a M22F x 1/4" Male NPT adapter and a 1/4" Female Quick disconnect coupler/socket


Thanks, guess I’ll have to just order it online.

It’s becoming more clear now, you guys are using wands like this…


Yes, sourcing fittings for your Generac trigger gun and wand to work like you are intending would need to be ordered online.

But you’re just looking for 1/4" Quick Disconnect nipples and couplers?


For now just an M22 to female 1/4" quick connect so I can attach the Xjet to the trigger wand instead of the end of the 24" extension I have, which is really awkward to use.



Think I found it.



Cool, I never knew which side you were looking for. That’s a M22M to 1/4" coupler. Weird lil adapter and no that won’t be found locally lol, best get it ordered asap since it will take 3 weeks coming from China.


Worth trying. Realize that with no lance the xjet stream will be more Misty. I’d suggest a 6 or 12 inch lance after the xjet. Try it both ways and see what works best for you.


So, I am just dumbfounded by the questions here sometimes.


Problem with my question?

And thanks Sasquatch, I’ll look into that. Might just find a short wand instead, probably save me all the hassle.


On so many levels. But, if you are shopping at lowes or home depot your aren’t hurting any legitimate contractors so do what makes you happy I guess.


We all have to start somewhere. I’m a veteran window cleaner, but pressure washing is somewhat new to me. Thanks to everyone that tried to help.