QR connector for X-jet?


A lady asked me two decades ago if I did windows. I was a one man show then so I said “sure”. Took my wife’s windex and two rolls of paper towels. About 6 hours later I had made $75. I wasn’t happy.She wasn’t happy. Do what you know how to do and are efficient at. I know nothing about windows and stopped then.


Yes, but at least you can try and start on the right foot when you begin the journey.

I would recommend getting a professional Suttner 2315 gun.

Then upgrading your machine asap to a belt drive 4@4000 or 5.6@2500.

So far this year, 65% of my income is from window cleaning. Pw’ing accounts for 20% (the numbers are skewed a bit at the moment from having quite a few pw’ing jobs pending payment - so it’s probably more like 25%).

But I try and make either service as easy as possible and as professional as possible by having the right equipment.

@Innocentbystander’s windex analogy is spot on. If you had excellent technique and good towels, you could probably do a decent job of cleaning windows with it. Same goes for power washing with your current equipment. But why do that to yourself?


Exactly, and that’s why I appreciate all the info on this board. So far with all the help I’ve sucessfully washed three houses, three decks and just got a call for another today. Everyone has been thrilled.

Information like that gun suggestion is what I need.


The best part is the information on other topics you find while digging for answers. :slight_smile: