PWing second story home

How is everyone pressure washing 2 story homes? Ladder, nozzle, telescoping wand, etc. Looking to hear how everyone gets the job done, especially if it’s more than just dirt.

With our SoftWashing nozzles we can spray over 40 feet in the air. This is a low pressure spray. So we spray soap, then we rinse.

Check out the webinar. It’s free. Powerwashing 101.

If you have the right equipment and nozzles and use the right chemicals you will rarely need a ladder. Just about the only time I use my ladders is when im cleaning a roof.

Soft Wash! Havent had to use a ladder once!

Yep, what everybody said.
We do up to three stories from the ground with just a gun and the right nozzles. To clarify- we’re talking about using low pressure tips on a power washer of at least 4 gpm, not using a 12v pump.

Don’t get me started on cleaning anything other than roofs with a 12v…

I haven’t been entirely sold on soft washing. I just can’t see it being effective with anything other than dirt/mod/etc… What about lets say, a birds nest?

What does everyone do when you run into debris that actually needs to be removed?

Thanks guys

When I hit a bird nest or mud dauber nest with the 0040 tip it goes “bye bye”.


Is a 4g/4k psi unit enough for this?

no pressure washer here! Only softwash cleaning of exteriors… rinse with garden hose and clean with a sweeper nozzle

Yeah. You’ll get a nice strong concentration of “soap” at 4gpm, too.

4gpm is fine. You can try it cheap if you already have your pressure washer. Get this THESE KIT INCLUDE 4 NOZZLES & A 4 WAY HOLDER. (2) 0 DEGREE, SOAP & RINSE HIGH AND (2) 25 DEGREE, SOAP & RINSE LOW THE 2-3 GPM KIT INCLUDES: 0030(SOAP HIGH),0010(RINSE HIGH),2530(SOAP LOW),2510(RINSE LOW) THE 4 GPM KIT INCLUDES: 0040(SOAP HIGH),0010(R and select it for 4gpm. I’m assuming that you are already downstreaming?

So you’re washing houses with a 12v pump?

Nope, I don’t. Haven’t messed with any of it to be completely honest. I need some education on the topic, and what solution to use. :cool:

yeah, we have one 12v pump and on that runs off of air… can out wash 2 pressure washers with one softwash rig

When you get the hang of it… which won’t take long, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start years ago. Powerwashing was an after thought for my business and last year It made up for about 50% of my revenue. And in my opinion its easier work. I’ve also only had one customer cancel because of rain. I love it.

You haven’t seen me SoftWash with my pressure washer then. :slight_smile:

I also have a 12v pump, and an air powered allflo. I only use them for cleaning roofs.

Hey, since we’re on the subject of shooting high without ladders:

I’m trying to get comfy with my new setup: a 4gpm 4k psi unit with x-jet on the end. Today I was only trying to squirt about 20’ up, but by the time the stream got there it was so misty that I couldn’t tell if I was even getting a nice volume onto the siding. Is that normal? Wasn’t too windy at all today either.

Later I connected the injector that came with my machine and also a red 0040 tip (which I believe would be a soap high?) and it was also real misty, but maybe more powerful than the xjet.

What am I missing?

I dont know whats up with your x jet. but the only soap tip that should have come with your machine is a black tip. You need to buy different tips for softwashing. get these for a 4gpm machine.

Thanks for your input. So is the red 0040 that came with the machine not the same as the 0040 that would come with a JRod?