PW turns off! Help needed

Hello guys, its me again. So i finally got an appointment next week to do some fleet washing! Im happy and nervous at the same time. So today i turned my PW to wash my truck and make sure everything was ok with it. Everything was fine for the first 15 minutes and then the machine turned off, so i checked fuel, choke, fuel valve and everything was fine, so i restarted the machine and worked well for another 2 minutes and then it shut downagain, so i rstarted it again and worked for a minute or less and shut off again… i did that for 4 times and then i let it for my own good.

Has any of you had this problem before?, do you have any idea of what could it be?. I am taking it tommorrow to a mechanic cause i dont know much about fixing machines.

I searched for this problem in the forum and didnt find anything similar.

Thanks in advance

What engine?

Sorry, its a vanguard engine , its a 4000 psi 4gpm belt driven, with electric start.

I think its a 16hp

Original gas cap or have you changed it recently? Try running it with the gas cap off. Don’t let it slosh around onto the motor.

Its the original gas cap , the model is Graco Force 4043BD i dont know how good this machines are… what does slosh mean?

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I didn’t want the gas to run out of the tank while machine was running. It sounds like the vent on your gas cap is clogged. Newer caps have charcoal in them and get wet and won’t vent.

Is it due for an oil change?

Lol @jzbreeland old Watkins finally paid up :grin::wink::wink:

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Yes, you caught me. Grabbed the wrong screenshot lol.


Has any of you had this problem before?

Yes, the vent in the gas tank cap was lost. Replace your gas tank cap.

Got the problem fixed!, there was dirty gasoline with mud in the carburator. Cleaned it andnow working perfect!. Thanks!


So I had the exact same problem today while doing a job , my machine kept turning off . And I didn’t finish . My PW has a separate plastic gas tank . Would that gas cap also have a vent ?

It should be vented on the bottom. Take the cap off and see if it runs

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Thank you , I’ll have try it tomorrow . I already parked it in the garage.

I’m having the same problem, but with my burner, kept shutting down and blowing a huge plume of white smoke in the air as it tried to start back up, looked over at the inline fuel filter, all sucked in but was clean. Opened the diesel cap and runs normal to this day. Can ya fix the cap or just buy another ? @Innocentbystander.
Hope you got the same problem @Genaroguzman, cause its a cheap fix .

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I sure hope it’s the gas cap , I’ve also notice my engine or pump make a sputter noice . like it wants to turn off when I pull the trigger or close my shut off valve to fast . It’s been making this noice for the last month .

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Those tanks are usually sold for marine/boat use and use a squeeze bulb. Vendors buy them and sell them with the skids but aren’t savvy enough to change out the caps.